Women travel far in tourism [Business Africa]


This year, World Travel Market Africa wants more women to take on business roles in the travel and tourism industry in Africa.

The industry that generated more than $ 400 million in 2018 hopes to "get the right products to tap into growing markets outside Africa."

Our Nyasha Mutizwa covered the recently held World Travel Market in Cape Town, South Africa, and files this report.

So one of the things we run is leadership programs with women we run at university and many of our students have in fact moved to senior executive positions within companies.

And Benin expects to increase cashew production for growth. Like other cashew producers, the West African nation exports the commodity to India, which dominates the global cashew market.

As one of the top producers in Africa, the small nation began to add value to the commodity to get more money for the local economy.

When processed, the value goes up from $ 5,300 per tonne to about $ 9,000, according to agricultural statistics firm Planetoscope.


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