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Who is Kris Mochrie who plays Victoria Lee's rapist in Emmerdale?

Kris Mochrie is appearing as a Victoria Barton rapist in Emmerdale (Photo: ITV)

Emmerdale is at the center of a powerful and dramatic plot in the wake of Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) being raped.

The story began during the recent night in the village, where she ended up disoriented and alone, after being separated from her friends after a fire alert.

While the true horror of his ordeal will be revealed in flashback episodes to come, it has been revealed that his rapist, Lee, is played by actor Kris Mochrie.

See what you need to know about Kris, his past roles and why he recently made headlines.

Who is Kris Mochrie and what has he been before?

Kris originally found fame at the age of seventeen when she appeared on Channel 4's Brookside Channel, playing teenager Ali Gordon in the 2002-2003 soap.

His other notable roles include the 2015 Ordinary Lies series, which also featured names like Michelle Keegan, Max Beesley and Jo Joyner of EastEnders.

The actor also appeared in the likes of Doctors, Waterloo Road, The Bill, Life On Mars and The League Of Gentlemen.

And this is not the first contact with Emmerdale as well, as he also appeared in small roles in soap, both in 2010 and again in 2015.

Why was Kris Mochrie news this week?

The actor's past came to light after it was reported that he was arrested in 2009 for two years after supplying the Class C drug GHB, which is known to be used as a drug for rape.

He eventually pleaded guilty after initially denying the charge of providing the drug while using his friend's drink, being sentenced in the Hull Crown Court to provide Class C drugs and pervert the course of justice.

Mochrie had lied to police and alleged that two girls were drinking drinks, but later admitted that he committed the crime, which led his friend to faint at the club. There was no suggestion that he was looking to have sex with the victim.

(Photo: Kris Mochrie / Twitter)

Only a few hours later, in the same club, Chloe Leach, 21, collapsed and died. Although the police initially linked the two cases, it was later discovered that her death was unrelated.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, said at the time: "What happened last September was terrible." There you were at the nightclub with your associate, you gave GHB a Class C drug. He knew what he was taking. in particular it has several dangerous side effects.

"He was extremely ill as a result of the ill effects. If ever there was a case that demonstrated the dangerousness of that particular drug, that was it.

Speaking in 2013 for Liverpool Echo he discussed the impact as he said: "I know that every part I get now, everything will be raised again. But it's a part of my life that I can not change.

"I never meant to commit a crime, I do not have a criminal bone in my body, I really do not have it." I made a mistake and everything just came out. I have always been grateful for my family, for everything, but now even more.

Mochrie's Emmerdale character bears no resemblance to his previous conviction, as Lee's character did not hit Victoria's drink.

Emmerdale will air on the ITV week at 7pm.

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