Wes Nelson's DOI partner says she had the worst week of her life


Vanessa Bauer's Wes on partner, Dancing on Ice, broke her silence and admitted she had the "hardest week of her life" after being involved in her controversy over the breakup.

Vanessa spoke after allegations that Megan Barton Hanson was planning to "confront her" behind the scenes of ITV's show about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Wes.

The skateboarder unveiled his thoughts in a tumultuous week in the headlines through a video video posted on his YouTube channel.

Filming after the Sunday night show, Vanessa relieved, "I can not believe, Wes and I are at the top of the standings. We have the best scores of the week that I can not believe.

Vanessa posted her video diary on YouTube after a few hard days

Wes pulled Vanessa in for a hug as they headed for the next round

"I'm so proud of Wes. He broke all the tricks and every step, he broke the whole number.

She continued: "We really had a difficult week and it was probably the hardest weeks of my life, I will not lie.

Referring to the headlines that followed Wes's split with Megan, Vanessa said, "We kept him professional all the time. We worked hard and really paid off.

"Tonight was absolutely incredible," she said, before thanking fans for their continued support.

Vanessa thanked the fans for supporting her and Wes after a difficult week

Megan was in the audience and was seen smiling at the couple – in contrast to her last appearance on the show.

With Megan watching from the audience, Vanessa and Wes sailed through the fourth week of the competition on Sunday night.

Megan had been a surprise guest the night after leaving her love island boyfriend just days before the live show.

She broke the news with an Instagram statement dripping with sarcasm, where she asked for privacy about the couple's pet hamster.

Megan and Wes joined the National Television Awards, but ended a week later

Although no reason was given for the breakup, it came after Megan publicly admitted that she was jealous of Wes's relationship with his skating partner.

The surgically advanced star also accused Vanessa of coinciding with the news of her own breakup with Wes's debut dance.

She fired at the Instagram: "You never came to me once or invited me to watch you train, it hurt to introduce yourself to me last night, you did not even look me in the eye.

"I hope the tactical breakup has given you the headlines you wanted, dear."

Dancing on ice continues Sunday at 18:00 on ITV

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