Tyra Banks Theme Park: ANTM Attractions we want to see in Modelland


Tyra Banks is opening a theme park. You heard me – ex-model and The next model of America Creator Tyra Banks is opening a damn theme park, and it's called – wait for him –Modelland. (Banks Stans will undoubtedly remember that the star has published a novel for young adults of the same name in 2010. But can you blame her for diving twice in the "Modelland" pool? other should she name her theme park?)

According to the WWD, Modelland is a "fantasy version of the modeling world" that has been around for 10 years. (Yes, 10The attraction will feature interactive entertainment, curated retail offerings and user-generated content opportunities – all combined to create an experience that invites visitors to "be the dream version of themselves."

"It's my call to bring modeling to the masses," Banks told the WWD. "With Modelland, I'm … giving people the opportunity to get involved with the indescribable world [of modeling] opening for everyone. Men, women, families, all generations can enter and enter this model world for a day, have a fun shopping experience and a hectic meal. Banks added, "This will be the first of many. "(Oh my God.)

Modelland is scheduled to open at Santa Monica Place mall later this year, but we can not wait to see what's in store for us all. In fact, we are so thrilled with the thought of a Tyra Banks theme park that we are already debating ideas of attraction. I'm sure Banks has the creative direction for this theme park blocked, but, you know, if she needs a little knowledge, our list of hypothetical Modelland attractions will not hurt.

1. A lane with a truly massive swinging pendulum

Anyone who watched ANTM 14 no doubt recalls the fashion show where the models were forced to walk down a walkway adorned with two huge swinging pendulums. (Yes, people have fallen.)

2. A photo attraction where visitors let the tarantulas crawl into them for fun

Do this for the "grass".

3. A retirement studio, because what is a top model without a dramatic makeover?

This does not require explanation.

4. A hunt for the park that simulates the always hectic experience

Each season, competitors had to navigate a city somewhere in Europe, or Asia, or something, and go on "go-see", personally launching calls to the next parades. It's always been a mess. Someone usually cried. (You can imagine better fodder for a theme park attraction than at that?)

5. It is not an attraction, but if there are no actors dressed as the most iconic characters of ANTMThe past, we have a problem

Every child wants a photo with Mickey Mouse. Each ANTM Stan wants a picture with Allison Harvard.

6. An entire ride dedicated to Janice Dickinson, Queen of Queens

I have no idea how that would be. I'm sure this has to happen.

7. A huge pool reserved exclusively to be pushed in.

Bonus points if Modelland create an animatronic version of 50 Cent to push.

8. A contest "This is the walk that will make me famous"

Theme parks do not usually have contests, but a mid-day hike seems like a good idea to me.

9. A strong man game based on smize

OK, so you know how carnivals have these things when you hit an attacker as high as you can and tell him how strong you are? Modelland needs one of those – except it measured how strong smize game was.

10. An amusement house where you are surrounded by "Lluvy's worst photo in the history of the top model"

TBH, I did not think it was really at that bad.

11. A room where visitors can practice their top model rides on giant platform jumps

Never forget the time a competitor broke the toe trying to walk on a track on exceptionally high platforms.

12. A workshop to faint, because apparently this is a key part of being a top model

You know, a lot of people passed out on this show. Tyra yet false fainted once.

13. A walk where visitors are tasked with eliminating the horrifying bacteria that eat meat and permeate ANTM house on cycle 4

You know, like one of those walks where you shoot monsters! As you wish!

14. A studio where visitors can create their own music videos "Pot Ledom"

Okay, this is a deep lane. But not ANTM In all the stars of the season, participants had to write songs using the phrase "pot leadom" ("top model" backwards) – and then they had to shoot music videos for those songs. Because the top models should be well rounded, or something.

15. A photogenic signal with the words "This is not America's Best Friend"

A bitch needs a place to take an Instagram.

16. A room where the video "Be quiet, Tiffany" is played in repetition

It's like the iconic top model equivalent of a haunted house.


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