This fan project of the Hotline Miami inspired by PS1 looks like a banana


Top down kill – & # 39; em-up The Hotline Miami had a unique sense of style, but if you ever wondered what a low-resolution 3D game looks like, look down.

Pitching Hotline Miami as a game for the original PlayStation, this one-minute video is the work of the Puppet Combo developers who have created indie horror games like Babysitter Bloodbath and Power Drill Massacre. I had not heard of the games before watching this video, but the grindhouse style of these video game items is a good option to take to Dennaton's Hotline Miami.

In fact, the group's experience has brought a number of interesting little features to the gameplay footage, including television static burrs and a retro font that provides page furniture.

The dirty look has more in common with the frank Manhunt, PS2, than with the brutality of Hotline Miami, but fits perfectly with the early experiments with 3D environments that came later in the PlayStation era, with a shudder. camera and slightly awkward environments.

After the video, the developers highlighted some of these environments with an additional post on Twitter. It is attractive, especially wallpaper with flamingos prints.

As we have developed, Dennaton has expressed no desire to revisit the Hotline Miami, it is bittersweet to see this fan project, knowing that we probably will not be able to wear an animal mask and a jacket for the third time. This video suggests a possible new direction that, unfortunately, will probably never be explored. It looks cool though.

The Puppet Combo is doing more things at Patreon, which can scratch its itch by indie horror. If you're at it. I'm not, the last time I touched Alien Isolation I actually cried.


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