The Huawei P20 Pro has just dropped for its lowest price


The excellent Huawei P20 Pro had its price reduced to its lowest price ever available in SIM. Now is the time to buy one of the best cameras for smartphones.

The Huawei P20 Pro was one of the most innovative smartphones of last year, inaugurating a new generation of configurations of multiple cameras. Not content with just two cameras, the P20 Pro introduced a third and the rest is history. The Huawei P20 Pro was also launched with a price tag commensurate with a flagship flagship.

At £ 799 at launch, it was up there at cost with iPhones. Fortunately, since then, the price has dropped. Retailers like Currys and John Lewis currently have £ 599 SIM-free, which is already a decent saving. But it comes as an even greater surprise to see Argos selling the Huawei P20 Pro in both Black and Twilight finishes for only £ 399.95. Unsurprisingly, this is the lowest price without SIM that we saw for the Huawei P20 Pro.

So what makes this such a fantastic choice? Well, we gave the P20 Pro a recommended 9/10 revision when we tested it. Oh, and also won the Best Phone of the Year and Product of the Year award at the 2018 Trusted Reviews Awards. You can not get even higher praise than that.

It performs fantastically with specs that still outnumber many newer phones today: "The Huawei P20 Pro is wonderfully fast. The Kirin 970 SoC, in essence, coupled with 6 GB of RAM (2 GB more than the standard P20), ensures that the phone is always fast and fluid. "

But it is the camera arrangement that has really conquered us: "All three sensors, perfected by the German Leica optics, work together and each one gets a specific role. The 40-megapixel sensor captures scene colors, the 20-megapixel monochrome sensor provides additional detail as well as texture and depth data for bokeh effect (when needed), while the 8-megapixel telephoto sensor aids in magnification. There is even AI helping to power the camera too. The 128 GB of storage is also enough to store your photos.

Take a look this evening filmed below to see what the camera is capable of. It's surprising.

Our analysis of the Huawei P20 Pro concluded: "The Huawei P20 Pro is a solid smartphone that should impress amateur and experienced photographers. Thanks to its state-of-the-art specs, impressive design and the best three-camera configuration in the category, there's much to like about Huawei's latest flagship venture. Its launch price of £ 799 is arguably less attractive, however, the name of Huawei still does not carry the same weight as Apple or Samsung in markets like the UK, so expect to see it available for less, if not already.

Well, the time to get a bargain Huawei P20 Pro is now looks like.

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