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By Michael Magoronga

Pioneer and urban groove singer Rockford "Roki" Josphats says his next project will be focused on reviving the genre of almost forgotten urban grooves to fit the current musical trends.


In a sweeping interview following a sparkling performance at the Miss Bodylicious contest in Kwekwe last Saturday, Roki said she was working on a DVD album that should give a new taste to the genre of urban grooves.

"We want to give urban grooves a new African sound. We are embarking on what we call urban crossover, which will lead us to give urban grooves a new sound that will have international music, "said Roki.

He said the six-track album will be released in stages.

"I'm working on a six-track album, but I'm releasing the singles." I'm going to start releasing three singles, Let it go, Tsebede and Christmas before Christmas, so we give our fans something to dance to during the festive season, "Roki said.

In the project, Roki said he hired Zimdancehall's singer, Soul Jah Love, as well as some international artists.

The video project will be the first of Roki's after his return from South Africa earlier this year where he established the base.

"This will be my first project after my return and I want it to be massive. We want to break into the market with the new afro-beat that, however, will be linked to urban grooves, "Roki said.

Roki, along with ExQ, Leonard Mapfumo, Decibel, Tererai Mugwadi, Betty Makaya, Stunner, 2BG, and Alexio Kawara were part of the urban grooves movement that took the music industry in the early 2000s.

The introduction of Zimdancehall eclipsed the genre, but some artists like ExQ and Stunner managed to claim their share. The Chronicle.


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