Relief for Magaya: Health Minister says Magaya will be part of clinical trials for the miracle "HIV Cure" – Aguma


Prophet Walter Magaya has received some good news after the government said it will conduct clinical trials for its Aguma Herb, which he claims could cure HIV / AIDS and Cancer. Magaya has been under immense pressure since announcing that she had discovered the cure for HIV, and had to eat humbly and portray her claims after doctors threatened to take him to court. He was also accused by the Deputy Minister of Information Services, Advertising and Broadcasting of Mutodi Energy of having crushed antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and disguised them as the cure. He was also arrested for fabricating drugs without a license and is currently on $ 300 bail.

However, Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo appears to have come to Magaya's rescue after he said Magaya will be involved in the team that will be conducting clinical trials for the drug. Speaking to the Herald, Moyo said:

We had a very good meeting and we were very open to each other with the Prophet Magic. At the end of the day he apologized for going a little too fast and did not realize his popularity and the impact of his message on Zimbabwe's general population … He may have been under some form of pressure, but of course, he is now back in the group … The people of Prophet Magaya will be part of the team. Everyone will check each other out so we do not get any fake results. We are an authority, a ministry, we are genuine, and we make sure that whatever we do will be in accordance with the established laws … We will ensure that the ministry and itself conduct this clinical trial.

Source: Herald


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