Monday , April 19 2021

Rassie responds to the & # 39; hard & # 39; Willie le Roux yellow

Cape Town – Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus accepted the decision to Willie le Roux a yellow card in Saturday's 26 to 20 victory over Scotland at Murrayfield.

In what was one of the biggest calls of the match, French referee Romain Poite put the Springbok defender on the bench for a deliberate charge in the 46th minute of the first half.

It was a decision that immediately attracted criticism from Bok fans on social media as well as the SuperSport comment team.

Le Roux had read the pass perfectly, and if he had picked up the ball, he would almost certainly have gone through a try.

Instead, the Boks were forced to endure a 14-man test period.

Speaking after the match, Erasmus acknowledged the call was "harsh," but added that the Boks had also received some favorable decisions this year.

"It's a yellow card. He's given a yellow card and we have to live with it," said the coach.

"We had some yellow card decisions for us, where we thought the team playing against us was unlucky to receive a yellow card."

When more pressed over he felt that the decision was hard, Erasmus expressed sympathy for the officials of the match.

"I think Willie tried to catch the ball. If he takes it in a different way, that's fine, but if you catch him otherwise, he's not well," he said.

"I think it's difficult.It's difficult for the referee in the field and difficult for the TMO.There are so many difficult areas around him so for me to criticize would be stupid."

There are, of course, many gray areas in rugby that are being officially disputed, and the referees are under constant spotlight.

Erasmus hopes World Rugby will find a way around the problems faced by the game and it has tried its best to maintain a positive outlook.

"I think the positive is that you know that no one is cheating," he said.

"Once you know that no one is preaching anyone on purpose, we can all live with it.

"Maybe we're in this transition period to get it right, like football did with technology, maybe we just have to stay there, no one is trying to cheat."

The Boks will end their Northern Hemisphere tour on Saturday when they face Wales in Cardiff.

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