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News from PS4 games today include rumors that a popular feature for the Xbox One could soon be going to the Sony PlayStation 4.

The PS4 is the heavy console of this generation, and seems to be on its way to breaking the high barrier of 100 million sales.

Since its launch in 2013, Sony has sold an impressive 94.2 million PS4 units.

It is believed that the PS4 is on track to reach 100 million faster than the Nintendo Wii.

And it also looks set to hit this milestone within the same time span as the PS2 – the most successful console of all time.

The PS4 seems virtually guaranteed to surpass the original PlayStation and become Sony's second best-selling console of all time.

While it also remains to see how close the PS4 can reach the gigantic PS2 sales before the end of its life.

There are many reasons for players to choose a PS4, and it looks like it might be getting another amazing feature – at the expense of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is currently the only console on which the EA Access streaming service is available.

However, manufacturers of FIFA 19 may have said EA Access may soon hit the PS4.

During EA's latest earnings call, the gaming giant said: "Next year, we plan to offer a subscription service on another great platform."

No additional details were provided, but the PS4 is undoubtedly a "main platform" while "subscription service" certainly refers to EA Access.

If EA Access appears on PS4, it means that Xbox One fans will lose one of the great bragging rights they have over their PlayStation counterparts.

EA Access costs just £ 3.99 a month or £ 19.99 a year and offers the broadcast of many of EA's top titles, early access and discounted digital purchases.

Games that can be streamed in EA Access include Madden 19, Burnout Paradise Remastered, UFC 3, Sims 4 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

In other PS4 news, it has recently been revealed that Sony has delivered a huge free bonus to PS Plus fans.

PlayStation Plus subscribers received a great new bonus just days after the February 2019 free PS4 games launch.

With Sony about to drop support for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita games, the company gave subscribers a special bonus.

The new PS Plus upgrade greatly increases cloud storage for subscribers.

"Expanded 100GB cloud storage is now being released to PS Plus members," says a post from Sony.

"Enjoy 10 times more cloud storage for all PS4 game saves!"

This huge increase means you're almost guaranteed that you will not run out of storage space on your PS4.

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