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PS3 Release Date UPDATE: Good news and bad news for PS4, PlayStation and Xbox ahead of E3 2019

PS3 Release Date UPDATE: Good news and bad news for PS4, PlayStation and Xbox ahead of E3 2019 (Photo: PS5 concept image

As the work week came to an end, PlayStation fans learned some pretty shocking news; that the company would not be appearing at E3 in 2019.

While it is evident that this is a great deal, the additional knowledge that this will be the first The E3 in 24 years without Sony really puts the decision in an even sharper focus.

For those who lost the news, Sony told Game Informer that the company not "activate or hold a press conference around E3 [2019]".

But when Sony says it's jumping at E3, they're not just talking about press conferences. They mean the whole kit and kaboodle, because they are also not planning to exhibit at the exhibit.

Following the announcement, as you might expect, there was a wave of anger, opinions and some suggestions that the decision could have been associated with Sony plotting some sort of vague plan for the possible revelation of the launch date of the Sony PS5.

At the time, much of the discussion was simply conjecture and unfounded wild opinions. But there was, however, some news that (understandably) got lost in the noise and ad from Sony.

Shortly before Sony's announcement in Game Informer, a Reddit user named RuthenicCookie4 was already leaking the information before anyone else in the world.

However, the Reddit spout not only predicted correctly – we predict, who honestly was "predicting" this before it was revealed – the same source was also revealing a lot of information on why Sony was pulling out.

Reportedly, it had less to do with Sony not having many games to show, and everything to do with Sony trying to focus on its next PlayStation 5 console.

Providing further details, the spout suggested that Sony would return with a new PlayStation Experience (PSX) event in 2019, where Sony will unveil the PS5.

It is possible that before that there may be a "small" revelation to provoke the console earlier in the year.

In addition, Redditor has suggested that the PS5 release date (at the time of writing) is still around "1.5 years from now," but developers currently have access to development kits that are already being described as "a monster". "

It is also worth noting that Kotaku news editor Jason SchreierA man with incredible connections inside the industry said this when writing the news of the no show from Sony at E3 2019:

"Based on conversations with developers across the industry, I hope the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020and the publisher jumping at E3 2019 certainly points to that. "

Assuming this release date of & # 39; 1.5 years & # 39; is correct, this would not only explain why Sony is hoping to skip the E3 2019, but more importantly, such a period would allow Sony to release its last major exclusive PS4 games that were widely publicized. already.

Currently this line of exclusive games includes The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding.

But even so, we would not be surprised to see all three of the above games also available on the PS5 at launch, whether in some form of backward compatibility or even as new PS5 releases with even greater graphics fidelity.

Microsoft, by comparison, has already confirmed in response that it will be participating in E3 2019.

And here is where we can see our first official information on Microsoft's next-generation console, currently known as Xbox Scarlett.

Exact information about the Xbox Scarlett is a little more modest, with some suggestions that Microsoft might try to leverage the power of the cloud (which certainly makes sense if they are diskless).

According to a report last Thurrott, which leaked accurate information from Microsoft before, the Xbox Scarlet is a hybrid project that will feature a cloud-based box that transmits content directly from the Internet and a more traditional piece of hardware, more generally recognizable as a home console.

Anyway, we suspect that with the Xbox wanting to compensate its poor, this generation and Sony do not like to rest on their laurels, amid constant conversations about the Xbox One X being the most powerful console in the market that we can see and hear in the next 12 months.

Sony may be jumping at E3 2019, but we do not think the company rumors about the PS5 or its competitors on Xbox will be silent all year round.


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