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read Could be a comet. An asteroid. An inter-stellar object hitherto unknown, or even a much greater sensation? Since then, the mysterious celestial body passed by the Hawaiian name Oumuamua a year ago to Earth and to the lenses of highly sensitive telescopes, are astronomers. No one knows where this UFO came from or exactly what it is. Now, one of the leading researchers in the field, postulated a sensational thesis: the cosmic nomads, there could be an alien probe. And he himself was quite convinced.

"We will discuss the origins of such an object, including the possibility that it is a light candle of artificial origin," writes Abraham Loeb in a publication about 1I / 2017 U1 (Oumuamua), as the body is, according to the official decision of the International Astronomical Union. As early as early November, he made a draft with his colleague Shmuel Bialy, writing Papers Online. 12. November to appear in this study in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Pre-Loeb unveiled his theories as the "world scientific premiere" at the Falling Walls conference in Berlin, to meet annually on the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall, international stars from science to speech.

Loeb is not just someone, but he runs the Institute of Astronomy at Harvard University in the United States in Cambridge. And also important: the physicist is part of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative, which wants to send a mission to Earth, the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. What does he now write about Oumuamua, then really the long-awaited discovery of extraterrestrial life? Or stuck behind the Hype of the current study, other motives?

as real as special effects in a science fiction movie

On October 19, 2017 he had spied 1I / 2017 U1 researchers on All, 33 million kilometers away from Earth. Since then, Brocken's Space Guild has been fascinated. As you backup a bit, the Oumuamua time sores from the point of view of the resolutions of the telescopes. It's fair: With it Astronomer and astronomers, for the first time a celestial object of a distant star system that is observed, visited our own solar system. And as you know, since June this year, does not fall Oumuamua, but flies, and even accelerated, further, while it was in the vicinity of our sun (Nature: Micheli et al., 2018).

With regard to the length of the cosmic Brocken is already uncertain. Measures 400 meters or 800 meters? What is its density? What is it, ice or rock? Why does he look like a comet but has no tail? What caused the acceleration? Does he stagger? And where exactly does the object come from? Also regarding the form of disagreement: some say it was like a cigar, for others, it seems more like a flat pancake. What captured the telescopes for data on its shape, further aided only to a limited extent. According to the artistic representations, the present circulation of Oumuamua is as real as the special effects in the films of science fiction. For defense: Oumuamua is a novelty. There, it is understandable that this raises more questions than answers.

There is especially its form, reflection and movement to stimulate the imagination. Never before has a body in space been observed behaving in a well-known way, unlike anything. And then Oumuamua comes from unfamiliar climates. Is it there, if it is not obvious, at least it might be an interstellar spacecraft alien? Such a flat design minimizes, at last, the friction with the gases and dust in the space.

History suggests that we should not read much in such phenomena.

Seth Shostak, project director for Seti

Abraham Loeb is not the only one who pursued the idea of ​​an alien spacecraft. By the end of 2017, the researchers were researchers on the "Breakthrough" project, with the Green Bank telescope thrown into a bugging, as well as Seti's Alien Seekers, abbreviated to search for extraterrestrial intelligence with radio telescopes. "We studied Oumuamua with the Allen Telescope Array and we could track each radio transmitter with the strength of a cell phone or more," said Seth Shostak, director of Seti, in a discussion with TIME ONLINE. But neither he nor anyone heard a telltale noise. "In addition, the colors of the object with an asteroid or comet." Shostak therefore tends to the assumption that Oumuamua is an entirely natural object.

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said Alone the unusual acceleration on his journey after the sun, could bring one to the fact that an extraterrestrial civilization had deliberately sent the object to land, Shostak. "But history suggests that we should not read much about such phenomena." Different Pioneer probes, from Nasa, which were the early 70s, were launched into space and, among other things, Jupiter should explore, showed an extraordinary acceleration. Some of the language at the time of an unknown physics, which is applicable to understand it. It was then discovered that the cause of the anomaly was that the interior of the probe had been heated. No new physics like that.

Another example is: "When in 1967 the first Pulsar was discovered, he surmised the discoverer and colleagues behind him could put an alien existence," says Astrobiologist Douglas Vakoch, "because the source of radiation behaved observed so differently than any other. In the course of the discovery of the following months, however, astronomers have shown, using their instruments, more pulsars and astrophysics have provided an explanation: they are very rapidly rotating neutron stars, and a radio beam emitting that strikes Earth at intervals . low.


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