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One of the oldest crabs – the B minute

A historical crab that lived the age of the dinosaurs was so unusual that paleontologists call it a platypus from the world of crabs. This newly discovered bug – called Callichimaera perplexed, implying "bewildering beautiful chimera" – had a miscellany of physical elements. This title refers to the legendary chimera of Greek mythology, which had the head of a lion, the physique of a goat, and the tail of a snake.

However, not like the mythological model, this strange chimera really existed: it had the mouth of a shrimp, the claws of a contemporary crab toad, the shell of a lobster, and the appendages like the oars of a marine scorpion, discovered the researchers. His eyes were so large they could be like a human being with soccer ball peepers, said lead researcher Javier Luque, a postdoctoral fellow in paleontology at Yale College and the College of Alberta in Canada. "[It had] enormous huge eyes, "Luque informed Reside Science. "They're Like Little Pink Using Hood [when she asks the wolf], "What huge eyes did you get? What do you use them for?"

In this case, C. perplexed used his giant eyes, not to point his highly effective claws, to hunt small crustaceans, resembling comma prawns. "We did not assume they were filter feeders," said Luque. "We hope they have been truly delighted predators."

Luque made the main discovery of C. perplexa in 2005 while trying to find fossils as a graduate student in Fisheries, an excessive city within the Colombian Andes. "They've been leggy-wanting problems," he said. "I considered it as a crab, but I believed it was extra like a spider."

After much searching, he discovered that the beast was a bizarre fourth-dimensional crab that lived about 95 million to 90 million years in the past, throughout the Cretaceous. Within a few years, he heard stories of comparable fossil crabs found in Wyoming and Morocco. Quickly, he had over 70 copies of this tiny crustacean, along with babies, adults, men, and women.

As long as these crabs were present in completely different places and environments, they were undoubtedly extremely adaptable, Luque said. C. perplexed is so extraordinary, that kind of a whole new department of the evolutionary tree of crabs, he added.

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