Not everybody loves Liverpool's Roberto Firmino – and they're wrong about Naby Keita?


That noise at 9:55 pm Monday night was the sound of hundreds of thousands of knees shaking in unison.

Liverpool's title hopes are over. With three points clear of the best team in Premier League history, there was no chance the Reds would end a 29-year wait for the championship.

When written thus, this vision seems even more ridiculous than it really is. If that were possible.

But there is no doubt that the 1-0 draw with West Ham United was disappointing for Jurgen Klopp's side.

We are reacting to Liverpool's disappointing draw against West Ham HERE

You were actually in the qualifying service at the ghastly London Stadium and watched a series of Reds performances almost as bad as.

There were a few light slits, with scorer Sadio Mane and Alisson Becker scoring 7. However, Mohamed Salah and Naby Keita had only 5 and Roberto Firmino had 4.

Those who voted on the ECHO website agreed that Mane was the best, and was the only player to have an average of about 6.

The rest was very much of an enormity with some alarmingly low scores, with Keita only rated 4.4 while Firmino got 3.9.

One of those nights, folks.

What did you say

Sadio Mane – 6,5

Virgil van Dijk – 5.8

Andy Robertson – 5.7

Fabinho – 5.6

Alisson Becker – 5,4

James Milner – 5,2

Mohamed Salah – 5.1

Adam Lallana – 5.0

Joel Matip – 5.0

Xherdan Shaqiri – 4,7

Divock Origi –

Naby Keita – 4,4

Roberto Firmino – 3,9

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Liverpool Journey

What everyone said

Of course, other ratings are available. And the national media was more lenient about the performance of the Reds.

Mirror was much more impressed with Liverpool than most, with Alisson, Milner, Lallana, Mane and Salah scoring 7. Keita got 5.

Mail does things by half and Robertson, Fabinho, Mane and Lallana did the best in 7.

The Independent ranked Milner as the best in 7, while Keita and Matip scored only 4.

Meanwhile, the Times ranked Alisson, Lallana and Robertson in first place with 7 while Firmino and Keita got only 5 points.

Finally, the number crunchers on figured Mane better with 7.83 ahead of Milner at 7.51. Keita, by the way, scored a reasonable 6.79 – over six West Ham innings.


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