Sunday , April 18 2021

New video shows the Apple iPad Pro folds easily in the middle; Raises Lifespan Concerns

Remember the iPhone 6 and the painful "Bendgate" controversy that followed you? Well, Apple's latest iPad Pro may have just taken the pedestal out of the 2014 device if the new video is something to go by.


The video in question was posted by YouTuber JerryRigEverything on November 16, 2018. If anything, video is practically a stress test of the iPad Pro, with JerryRigAlthough submitting the tablet all the ways of destructive actions. From nesting the new Apple Pencil in half, literally scratching Spider-Man's face on the back of the tablet.

The excruciating "bending test" moment has the 6:28 mark on the video. As if folding once was not enough, JerryRigEverything then tries to "fold back" in place, but it's obvious at this point that the iPad Pro has been rendered useless.

In addition to the video, Apple's MacRumors website also reported that there were some complaints about the problem of folding iPad Pro in their forums. Unfortunately, the pages of these forums appeared to have been placed offline at the time of writing.

To be fair, the YouTuber in question is more or less notorious for carrying electronic devices and subjecting them to extremities. If only to determine your physical limits before it completely stops working. The new iPad Pro is just the latest in its growing list of devices.

Of course, if you are still planning to purchase the iPad Pro when you arrive in Malaysia, we recommend that you follow up with it.

(Source: MacRumors, TechSpot)

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