New iPad may cease to be one of Apple's top features


There has been a lot of talk about an update to Apple's iPad product line recently, with more evidence appearing thanks to the iOS 12.2 beta code.

Buried within the code is reference to new iPads – thought to be an upgrade to the iPad mini and iPad 9.7 – and it looks like they will lose the Apple Face ID feature.

The information comes from Steve Troughton-Smith who broke the code to see what lurks inside. In this case, suggests four new iPad models (Wi-Fi and mobile versions of the iPad mini and 9.7) without face identification.

Facial ID is the feature that will use your face to unlock devices. It was released on iPhone X in 2017 and introduced a new method of interacting with Apple devices. Removing the home button also released the old Touch ID system, a change that also occurred in the iPad Pro in 2018.

Listing these devices with no face ID suggests that Apple reserves it as a premium feature for its major devices, but it means that there will be new devices launched that support the older method of interaction by using a start button instead of having a unified user interface on all devices from now on.

The code also suggests that there is an iPod touch upgrade, something that had previously been speculated. With the new iPad models supposedly coming into the EEC database, it's starting to suggest we'll see an Apple event sometime in the spring to launch new iPads.

We'll keep you posted.


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