Movie Trailer for Donald Glover and Rihanna & # 39; Guava Island & # 39; illuminates social media


A trailer for Donald Glover and the much talked about, but really cool, Rihanna project has emerged on social networks.

The trailer for the movie, supposedly titled "Guava Island", was seen wind up on the weekend during the Pharos festival at the Tapapakanga Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand. Early in the trailer, the character of Glover refers to the character of Rihanna as his girlfriend.

Glover pulls out a guitar while Rihanna denies it. Then it runs through the streets while the loud music plays, taking a few minutes of dancing, laughter and even what appears to be a kidnapping.

"What's wrong with me is that we live in paradise, but none of us have the time or the means to actually live here. We work hard. We deserve a day off. We're just taking what's ours, "recounts the Glover character.

Based on the trailer, we know the film is directed by Hiro Murai, who also directed Glover's music video, also known as Childish Gambino's "This Is America," starring Glover, Rihanna, Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie.

In August, images of the star of Ocean's 8 and the rapper in Cuba set fire to social media. Cuban source Vistar reported that the two were filming "Guava Island" at various locations in Havana at the time.

It is not clear when the film is due to leave. Representatives of Rihanna and Glover did not immediately respond to HuffPost's request for comment.


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