Microsoft says Windows 10 October Update is finally ready for business


Microsoft says Windows 10 October Update is finally ready for business

Microsoft is taking care of business

GOOD NEWS, BUSINESS OWNERS. After hacking through customer documents, destroying ZIP archives, and breaking iCloud, Microsoft calculates that the 1809 version is finally ready to be released on your company's computers. Do not rush at once.

Yes, your business laptop can safely receive the October 2018 update, even though the desktop calendar is published in April 2019.

"Based on the data and feedback we received from consumers, OEMs, ISVs, partners and business customers, Windows 10 version 1809 made the transition to a broad deployment," Microsoft's John Wilcox wrote in the Windows IT Pro blog.

"With this, the Windows 10 release information page will now reflect the half-yearly Channel (SAC) for version 1809. We will continue to communicate, for future releases, the transition from targeting to broad deployment status."

As he celebrated this new arrival, Wilcox could not help but be a little depressing, bringing the life cycle of 1809 – how to discuss the preparations for the funeral in a christening.

"According to our lifecycle policy, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education, version 1809, will be serviced for 30 months from its release date on November 13."

This should help the 1809 version to reach more computers. A report released last week showed that only 26.4 percent of the compatible computers had the dive and were upgraded to the latest version. At the time, AdDuplex suspected that Microsoft would simply let people skip this "problematic" version: "It seems increasingly likely that Microsoft seems to give up on it in favor of upgrading users to the next version," the company wrote.

The next version – 19H1 – is currently being tested by those of the Insider Program, and should be released this month. Hopefully without the bugs that ate files this time. μ

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