Manyowa demands death threats after testifying in the Commission


CorrespondingJOURNALIST Maynard Manyowa says he and his family were living in fear of their lives after being threatened by suspected opposition supporters who were not happy with Thursday's comments exonerating the army from the Aug. 1 killings.

Manyowa filed a police report and a formal complaint with Kgalema Motlanthe led the Committee of Inquiry into post-election disturbances.

In a statement, John Masuku, a spokesman for the investigative team, urged law enforcement officials to investigate the alleged threats, while also urging the Harare audience participants not to take turns in the witnesses who testified before the investigation team .

"The Commission asks the police and other surveillance agents to investigate urgently Mr Manyowa's allegations and to bring all perpetrators of verbal or physical violence or abuse that cause harm, discouragement and discouragement to citizens who have freely witnessed," said part your statement.

Six civilians were shot and killed by suspected members of the army in central Harare on the fateful day to help stifle protests by opposition supporters who were not satisfied with the slow pace of Zimbabwe's election results announcement. Electoral Commission.

Several witnesses, including relatives of the deceased, appeared before the investigation team to say whatever they knew about the disturbances.

Manyowa, a Zimbabwean scribe based in South Africa, distanced the army from the murders, which has triggered a number of threats to social media.

He says he was "violently" attacked through social media and also "personally threatened, including his two wives, children and employees from the moment he was witnessing live on ZBC television and other online media."

Manyowa further claimed that images of his property were also exposed on various social media platforms with threats of causing physical harm and death to himself, his family and employees.

Giving his testimony before the investigation team, Manyowa said he has never seen any soldiers in the vicinity of a shooting incident in which a civilian was shot and killed in a crowd.

Since the commission began its investigation weeks ago, some witnesses aligned with the opposition have made an effort to discredit some members of Zimbabwe's panel, in particular Zanu PF activist Charity Manyeruke and Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA opposition.

Last week, Jim Kunaka, a former youth leader at Zanu PF Harare, made sensational statements. Manyeruke was among the leaders of the Zanu PF who sent young people to attack opposition supporters earlier.

Masuku urged witnesses to give up any personal attacks on the commissioners during the hearings.

"The Commission is also disturbed by people who attack and deny the integrity, professional ability and reputation of some commissioners, and the prerogative of the appointing authority, which is the head of state and government," he said.

"It should be borne in mind that His Excellency President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa considered it appropriate to appoint the current Commissioners to carry out this national task in terms of land laws.

"In fact, the courts have since made a judgment in favor of their imperturbable continuation of duty with the right to ask questions without any threat or impediment.

"Finally, the Commission appeals to all citizens to attend public hearings so that they offer the opportunity to all those who give unhesitating testimony that are hostile and humiliating."

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