Sunday , June 20 2021

Man injects his own semen into the arm to cure back pain | #AsiaNewsNetwork

According to Star's mStar portal in Malay language, the man injected his arm with his own semen for a year and a half, until he finally sought medical care due to excruciating back pain.

The doctors who attended him, found rashes and bruises on his arm, which was infected with cellulite.

Dr. Lisa Dunne wrote in a case study in the Irish Medical Journal that: "He created this" cure "regardless of any medical advice.

According to Dr. Dunne, the man revealed that he injected a "dose" of semen every month for 18 consecutive months using a hypodermic needle purchased online.

"His situation did not improve after injecting the semen, but after spending a few nights in the hospital, he relieved some of his pain," Dunne said.

However, the man was dismissed from Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Dr. Dunne said that this was the first reported case involving an "injection of semen for medical treatment."

"He failed in some attempts to inject secretion into his body," she wrote, adding that the man described his attempt as an "innovative method for treating back pain."

Dr. Dunne also said there was no way experiments were done on the effects of semen on human veins and muscles.

According to the journal, the only past experiments of semen injections were done by injecting human semen into rats and rabbits.

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