It may be the most gutsiest show on TV


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During the Oscar – the biggest night of Hollywood – ABC aggressively promoted his latest series with an impressive title: Whiskey Rider. There were explosive caps, poison wedding rings and more explosive caps. It was a lot, but also revealed that when you think that television can not get better, it can. Because, as I mentioned, there were explosive buffers. (Better yet, explosive buffers were not just a promotional tactic: they are also an integral part of the pilot.) After the Oscar (and possibly their local news or, even worse, ABC's OTRC), ABC broadcasted Whiskey Rider pilot as a "preview", but the debut of the "official" series is on Wednesday night.

As you probably can not say of the title, Whiskey Rider is an easy, cheerful, almost "Welcome Character" spy drama about FBI agent Will Chase (codenamed "Whiskey Cavalier", played by Scott Foley), his unlikely (but mostly "Will-They-Not-Them" "partnered with CIA agent Frankie Trowbridge (codenamed" Fiery Tribune "by Lauren Cohan) and his" interdependent team of imperfect, funny and heroic spies. "The team is made up of the best FBI / Susan BFF profiler. Ortiz), NSA analyst / computer guy Edgar Standish (Tyler James Williams), CIA agent / face of inventions Jai Datta (Vir Das), and Fof major league doofus, Ray Prince (Josh Hopkins).

In the pilot, Will is trying (and failing) to overcome his relationship with his girlfriend, Gigi. There are also some other espionage things, but with a show like this in the end, it does not matter. But break-up or not, Will is a sensitive and emotional guy … which is bad because he's a spy, but great because it's a television show. Frankie, on the other hand, hates love, has trouble trusting people, and thinks that Will's emotional baggage is unpleasant. She's great. Also great is the fact that this counts as another spy program that actually happens in places like Prague, Paris and London, which is always better than this:

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