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IBM boss Ginni Rometty has turned his wrathful gaze towards irresponsible Silicon Valley bosses, saying "the weakest link should not define the digital economy".

She singled out AI transparency and platform liability areas in need of reform.

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Rometty was speaking at an IBM event in Brussels, and accused "a few dominant consumer-facing platform companies"

Who could she possibly mean? – [whocouldshepossiblymean?–The Reg]of bringing down "trust crisis" through their "irresponsible handling of personal data".

What scares Rometty is that governments could be moved into action against the tech sector, and that they'll mishandle things.

Business-to-business markets, she said, have a different power dynamic to the consumer sector, so any regulation should target consumer-facing platforms like, er, social media companies and search engines[againwe'reatalosswhoshemeans-[againwe’reatalosswhoshemeans–The Reg].

Bloomberg quoted her as saying that tackling the problem "means using a regulatory scalpel, not a sledgehammer, to avoid collateral damage."

In this CNBC report, she said: "Collectively, dominant online platforms have more power to shape public opinion than newspapers or the television ever had, yet they face very little regulation or liability."

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Rometty's remarks align with those of Apple's Tim Cook, who has been beating the privacy drum for some time. Most recently, Cook told an EU privacy conference:

"Rogue actors and even governments have taken advantage of user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence, and even undermine our shared sense of what is true and what is false. "

Cook has, however, been criticized for Apple's partnership with Google and its willingness to compromise on privacy to deal with China. ®


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