Here are the top five problems of the iPad Pro, because no device is perfect


The 2018 iPad Pro is undoubtedly the best iPad ever made. It's packed with cutting-edge features such as desktop-level performance, a completely revamped design, a modernized screen, biometric Face ID authentication and support for the new Apple Pencil, but no device is perfect.

2018 iPad Pro

The 2018 iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

Despite its many benefits, there are some major issues with Apple's latest tablet, and we have selected five issues to highlight in the hope that the information can help potential buyers or resellers make a final decision.

External Drive Connectivity

The first problem is less a hardware failure than a software problem. Apple suggests that the iPad Pro can replace a notebook, but it is missing an important feature that serves as the backbone of any complete computer, and this is a total support for the hard drive.

Card Reader 2018 iPad Pro

Apple has only built-in limited support for external hard drives to the USB-C port of the iPad Pro.

If you are a professional using a notebook, you are likely to be moving files from one place to another on a flash drive or other external storage. Although it can connect to this hardware, the iPad Pro can only detect photos and videos of these peripherals.

To make matters worse, you need to import image files into the camera roll, which in some cases can trigger an automatic sync with iCloud. Although there is Apple's file manager application on the iPad, it is extremely limited because users can not simply drag and drop files to the same level of ease they would have on a notebook.

For videographers who archive tons of videos and projects on hard drives for security, you can not do that on the iPad Pro.

Lack of Mouse Support

Apple offers the iPad Pro's ability to connect to an external display, much like a MacBook, giving users a larger desktop. MacBooks also have clamshell mode, which basically lets you put your MacBook aside and work with a mouse, keyboard, and a larger screen.

IPad Pro 2018 Mirroring

The iPad Pro can mirror your screen to an external monitor, but the lack of input peripherals detract from the experience.

In the iPad Pro, there is no mouse support. Even though you can connect to an external monitor, you still need to hold the iPad in your hands and look down to control it.

Also, having a trackpad or mouse is another key requirement to make a computer a computer as it is much faster and easier to navigate and move files. There are so many things on a computer that are difficult to perform just with touch controls.

The iPad Pro offers limited cursor control through a two-finger gesture on the virtual keyboard, but its implementation is far from a dedicated touchpad.

Goodbye Headphone Jack

The third problem is that the iPad Pro of 2018 is the first iPad to drop the headset, and to be honest, I thought Apple would keep it for at least a few more years.

Smart Connector for iPad Pro 2018

2018 brings a Relocated Smart Connector and deletion of the headset.

I've personally moved to Apple's AirPods for my audio needs which is one of my favorite Apple devices but there are still many professionals who depend on wired headphones and audio equipment to do their job.

Of course, removing the headset helps make the iPad Pro even thinner, but how does it really need to be?

Overpowered for daily use

The iPad Pro has incredible processing power, doubling the reference scores of the iPad Pro to 10.5 inches in various tests, and even exporting a 4K HEVC video in less than half the time. Here's the question: that power will be wasted.

2018 iPad Pro HEVC

Comparison of iPad Pro performance.

Almost all applications have already felt incredibly smooth on the 10.5-inch model, so it will be hard to feel that extra speed in everyday use.

Yes, you may notice a difference in demanding software such as Adobe's Photoshop for iPad, which arrives next year, but there are not many applications like Photoshop in the iOS App Store at the moment.

As previously stated, the Limited Files application and other restrictions are keeping the iPad Pro back to its full potential. With the AionX Bionic now in service, we expect developers to start leveraging the chip's raw capacity to deliver more powerful applications for the iPad.

Storage and Memory Cost

The fifth and final edition is the limited amount of storage and RAM you get with the basic configuration of the iPad Pro, which still has a high price on competing hardware.

2018 iPad Pro

iPad Pro in landscape orientation.

The 2018 iPad Pro now starts at $ 799 for the 11-inch model, which is $ 150 more than before, and even comes with only 64GB of storage. If you are a professional who is attracted by the high level of performance that the iPad Pro offers, 64GB will probably not be enough storage for you, especially if you need to import photos and videos directly to the disc instead of working with an external device. to drive.

Upgrading to 256 GB will cost you an extra $ 150 and 512 GB will cost you $ 350 more. If you are looking for 1TB of storage, be ready to pay almost double the price of a 64GB model. Add to that a $ 130 Apple Pencil, which is needed, as the iPad Pro of 2018 is not compatible with the first generation Pencils, and you're looking for a breathtaking price.

Apple said the iPad Pro 2018 is faster than 92% of all handheld PCs, and while that may be true, the basic model only comes with 4GB of RAM. Many professional applications can benefit from a reasonable amount of RAM, especially when multitasking.

Yes, the iPad Pro technically outperforms last year's 15-inch MacBook Pro on Geekbench 4, but even the basic 15-inch model came with 16GB of RAM.

You can go from 4GB to 6GB of RAM in the new iPad Pro, which is fine, but for this involves upgrading to the 1TB capacity model for an extra $ 750.

Do not take it all wrong, since the new iPad Pro is certainly the best iPad and tablet ever. It revolutionizes the form factor, so much so that if you plan to upgrade to a new iPad Pro within the next couple of years, it may be worth upgrading immediately. The dialing points listed here are meant to inform shoppers so they will not be surprised when they bring their new device home, only to find out that something is not correct in their new purchase.


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