Wednesday , April 21 2021

"Handina mukadzi anopfeka maShort" -DRAMA as a man mocks wife pregnant for dressing & # 39; inappropriately & # 39;

Man bashes pregnant wife

A Bulawayo man was taken to court for assaulting his pregnant wife for improper dressing.

Betram Lunga (29) allegedly punched Pretty Malabwe (24) for wearing shorts in public.

Lunga pleaded guilty to charges of physical abuse when he appeared in court.

"I was angry because of the way my wife was dressed. If she had known my relatives dressed like that, they would have concluded that I married a prostitute. She is pregnant and she was wearing tight shorts in public, "he said.

According to the local Chronicle newspaper, Lunga approached his wife while she was sitting with a friend and asked why she was wearing shorts.

Malabwe, in response, told her husband not to worry about what she wore because he did not buy her clothes.

Malabwe's response infuriated Lunga, who then punched her several times with fists and had to be restrained by her father.

Lunga was fined $ 100 or 90 days in prison.

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