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Guardian cries "Russians are coming" amid new dispute over Africa – RT World News


How can the Western powers that once colonized Africa find themselves attracted back to the continent by their vast mineral riches, what can they do to divert attention? Well, blame Russia, of course!

Enter the Guardian, flagellating – but not really showing – alleged documents intended to show the Kremlin's plot and conspiracies in Africa, involving nothing more than "Putin chef" and supposed mentor of "Internet trolls" accused of meddling in US politics, Evgeny Prigozhin.

The supposedly nefarious scheme consists of "Building relationships with existing rulers, closing military agreements and preparing a new generation of leaders" in at least 13 of the 54 African countries in an effort to exert influence, according to Jason Burke and Luke Harding of The Guardian.

In his narrative, the presence of Russia's peacekeeping in the Central African Republic (RCA) should help Moscow expand "Across the continent." In fact, the UN peacekeeping mission (MINUSCA) lists just over 11,000 troops, and Russia is not mentioned among the top 10 contributors. President Vladimir Putin's announcement of a peacekeeping contingent in April "Up to thirty" folks.

Likewise, Moscow's military cooperation deals with "About 20 African states" are meant to look sinister, though they involve basically maintaining legacy weapon systems and buying new weapon systems.

None of this is different from what the US or UK have been doing, and on a much larger scale, said former British diplomat Craig Murray.

Burke is a Guardian correspondent based in Johannesburg, South Africa, while Harding was based in Moscow, and is known as a supplier of many stories about Russia.

Harding wrote an entire book about Russian collusion & # 39; with American President Donald Trump – a conspiracy theory that was definitively unmasked by the investigation of special lawyer Robert Mueller – and also author of the infamous history accusing Paul Manafort of meeting secretly with the editor of WikiLeaks Julian. Assange within the Ecuadorian embassy in London, three times less, without presenting a piece of evidence beyond the assertions of anonymous sources.

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The documents that Burke and Harding based their article were provided by the Dossier Center, a London organization funded by the ex-prisoner and exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. They were not made available to the public.

While Russia has exactly zero military bases in Africa, the US has at least 25 countries declared throughout the continent, along with an entire combat command, AFRICOM. Much of US activity in Africa was virtually unknown until 2017, when a Navy SEAL died in dubious circumstances in Mali and several special and civilian operators were killed in a fatal ambush by Nile militants in the Niger.

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