Grammy fashion red carpet 2019: PHOTOS



Shimmering, studded and in designer clothes, the often-fashionable fashion Grammy parade began in a pouring rain on Sunday, but that did not dampen the mood, as the music industry's best displayed its myriad looks.

Post Malone was in a light pink suit and Jennifer Lopez appeared at the last minute in a popular accessory of the night – huge hats. Her top was white with an edge of miles, embellished to match her dress of the same tone.

Lopez looked loose and relaxed as she posed for photographers with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who wore a liquid-colored metallic jacket.

Kyle Tree of the double EDM Gray was inadvertently ready for the weather in a raincoat that was, yes, the gray color, as well as his hair and that of musical partner Michael Trewartha, both among the night's nominees in Los Angeles.

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There were guests dressed like butterflies, neon looks and various clothes with trains in unusual places, overalls and short dresses.

The featured top Kacey Musgraves wore an ethereal girdle dress in a nude tone with a bold bodice, while Camila Cabello looked cozy in a long-sleeved sparkler in a bright pink dress with a high collar.

The K-pop BTS sensation appeared in black tuxedos and colored hair, including purple and green, while Maren Morris wore a huge winged decoration on one shoulder of a floral dress with a neckline as she prepared to take the stage.

"I do not know, I'm all about subtlety," Morris joked to the Associated Press.

Dolly Parton wore a short red dress with a loose lapel and a centerpiece of jewelry. Dua Lipa won the best evening necklace, a huge piece of diamond in a circular design.

Fantastic Negrito, the blues artist from Oakland, California, depicted in a red suit with large, colorful swatches for pockets. His two-fish silver necklace used to be a belt buckle, said the enthusiast of upcycling.

The Weezer members, on the other hand, kept him relaxed in shallow shirts under jackets that included mauve and baby blue.

Ben Harper wore a yellow sequined outfit with a wide brimmed hat.

Repeat political provocateur Joy Villa, who participated last year in a dress decorated with a fetus, dressed as President Trump's wall (think aluminum foil) and carried a bag Make America Great Again. She made a splash of Trump for the first time two years ago in Trump messages.

Shawn Mendes went to a deep blue Paul Smith jacket with wide black lapels and open collar underneath.

"I was so nervous about getting dressed for the Grammy," he told the AP. "I felt like, how stylish are you and still stands out?"

Purple was a tone of the night. Grammy Winner H.E.R. It gleamed on the collar of a dress made for her by the coach, with sunglasses in the same shade.

"It makes me feel like I'm glowing. I feel like a star," she said.

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