Google My Business listings can offer discounts to new followers


Google is launching new ways for companies to market their GMB listings, including discounts for new followers.

Companies can now lure people to their lists with welcome offers, cover photos, logos, and photo views.

See more information on each of these new features.

Welcome Offers

More than half of online customers are looking for an offer or discount, according to Google, so it is giving companies the opportunity to special coupon codes in exchange for follow up.

"Starting today, businesses can reward customers who go with their business on Google with welcome offers, turning satisfied customers for the first time into repeat and repeat customers."

In the example below, you can see how users receive a discount immediately after following a company.

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It seems that users will not exactly see the offer until they follow the listing of the company.

Therefore, there is no need to go overboard with exorbitant discounts. The mystery may even help to encourage more people to follow.

Cover photos and logos

Companies can now set their preferred profile layer photo. Previously, companies could not set this manually.

In another update of the business profiles, the logos will now appear in the upper right corner of the page.

Profiles are gaining another visual update in the form of a new photo module. Photos uploaded by a company will instantly appear in this new dynamic module.

Local Favorites

Now, Google will highlight the top five percent of companies in a particular category with a designation of "Local Favorite."

Google will also recognize these companies with what it calls "honor insignia."

More details on these recognitions will be available later this summer.


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