Google Maps' fake business problem presents wide media coverage


You and I and the entire local SEO community know how bad the spam problems are in the Google Maps business listing. We're covering this forever. We know that Google is trying hard to make things better, but spammers are always one or two steps ahead of them.

Well, now that problem hit the big media with the Wall Street Journal writing Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are False – and Google Profits. "Google Maps is populated with fake business addresses created by companies pretending to be around," they wrote. And then go through everything you and I know that these spammers are doing. They make the story very personal and real.

The local SEO community is happy with the coverage, hoping it will lead to Google's biggest and most significant efforts:

Google responded by explaining How we fight fake business profiles in Google Maps – again, all the information you know.

Either way, we'll see if this broader media coverage will make a difference in how Google handles this big problem …

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