First Pan-African Week of Student Entrepreneurship to be Held in Ghana


SFAN (Stars From All Nations) is organizing the first Pan-African Student Entrepreneurship Week (SEWAfrica) from July 22-24, 2019 at the Ecobank Central Office in Accra.

Student Entrepreneurship Week
is an education forum, which was created to help young entrepreneurs win
practical and practical knowledge and tools to build
companies. SEWAfrica also serves as a platform to show talents,
facilitating networking and identifying funding sources for the start-up
companies. The event is expected to house some 700 high-potential innovators
throughout the continent over three days of energy-
leadership, pitching, and insightful conversations.

High-growth technology
entrepreneurs targeting a billion dollar market will have a chance to launch
business to finance up to US $ 100,000
during the 1-on-1 pitch session with Ingressive
a venture capital fund focused on Africa. Ingressive Capital is
agnostic sector. This means that you can have a company at Fintech, manufacturing
technology, ISP, logistics, O & G tech, or health technology, as long as you are focused on
a scalable market. The Fund's previous investments include Paystack and Tizeti, which
recently raised significant investments in the A-Series, as well as the AwaBike and more.

Investors like QI Holdings, a venture-capital construction company is also lively
investing up to US $ 10,000 in start-ups
which are the right fit for them. Partners for the event include Ingressive, IQ
Holdings, Movemeback, ABANAngels, 3rdfloor Digital, East Gate Hotel and more.

Being a pan-African bank
institution, with the objective of contributing to the economic and
financial integration of Africa, Ecobank Gana supports SFAN in its work to
unlocking the business potentials of young Africans for job creation.

SFAN was created to help beginner entrepreneurs gain access to practical and experimental tools and knowledge for building sustainable businesses.

President of SFAN, Tom-Chris Emewulu says: "We are
incredibly enthusiastic about setting up the Pan-African Student Entrepreneurship Week
to equip young and ambitious innovators with the tools they need to build
companies. We are thrilled to partner with Ecobank, the pan-African portal
bank, to host this brilliant event. As with SFAN events, we are
of the best and brightest speakers and coaches to ignite meaningful
conversations that help turn ideas into innovations. "

Startups looking to lift up
Funding of $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 should meet the following criteria:

  • They have launched their startup, have initial
    traction (ie money, users, etc.) and customer validation
  • They have a clear business model
  • They are a high growth technology business
    targeting a billion dollar market
  • They have a staff that is brilliant, hungry and
    know your market better than anyone else
  • They have a competitive advantage over
    solutions currently available

Applications are open to all
African countries until June 30, 2019. To register, visit

For more information on
sponsorship or opportunity to speak, contact the team at [email protected]


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