Featuring: The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual calendar (live pics, details and pricing)


The perpetual calendar, Vacheron Constantin reminds in the press release for the Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar, is the most "useful" of high complications, but its usefulness comes with a major disadvantage. If, by chance, a perpetual calendar is to be left in progress, readjust the indications – which may include the date, as well as the day, month and year, as well as sometimes the age and the phase of the moon, depending on the design – can be a challenge; with many traditional designs, performing the operation incorrectly means that the watch must go into service to be re-adjusted by a watchmaker. (One of the darkest moments in my life as a writer of clocks was to establish a synchronized perpetual calendar that would not last in three years – as all the calendar indications were set from the crown, that meant turning the hands, through the crown, through The Vacheron Constantin came out in the Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar with a more intriguing and unusual solution: a Watch with a mode of "standby", in which the power reserve is 65 days. Not hours, days – more than two months of execution time.


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