Elon Musk says likely to live on Mars


Elon Musk is probably going to live on Mars.

That is, if he does not die first: something that is highly probable, given how risky the journey will be. And if he does not die on the way to the red planet, he could easily die when he gets there.

If he and his comrades can reach Mars and survive, life will be a difficult prospect, he said. It will be a lot of work and very little leisure time, he said, with the great chance that you might die from the hostile environment of Mars before you start having fun.

Those were the predictions that the head of SpaceX and Tesla did when asked in a new interview about their plans to live on the red planet. Mr. Musk's rocket business is gearing up for manned trips to Mars in the coming years, hoping to make them relatively easily available.

"You're 47," Mr. Musk was invited as part of an interview for Axios' new show on HBO. "How likely is it that you personally go to Mars?"

"70%," he replied immediately. "We recently made a lot of progress that I'm really excited about."

He went on to explain that he was "talking about moving there" and that the price of the trip might in the end be only a few hundred thousand dollars.

Pressed if he was working to build an "escape hatch for rich people," he said the journey would be much harder than it would be on our own planet.

"His likelihood of dying on Mars is much greater than dying on Earth," he said, comparing it to Shackleton's trip to Antarctica.

"It will be difficult, there is a good chance of death, get into a small can through deep space," he said. "You could land successfully, once you land successfully, you will be working nonstop to build the base. So there is not much time for leisure.

"And once you get there, even after doing all of that, it's a very tough environment, so there's a good chance you'll die there. think You can come back, but we are not sure. Now does this sound like an outlet for wealthy people? "

Despite everything he said, he would "no hesitation" go to live on the planet, once SpaceX makes it possible.

"There are a lot of people who climb mountains," he said. "People die on Mount Everest all the time. They like to do that for the challenge."


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