Ducati Panigale V4 R revealed


The new 998cc engine makes the Ducati Panigale V4 R know the homologation of the World Superbike. V4 R has faster acceleration and more power than V4.

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The Ducati Panigale V4 R receives a 998 cc engine that produces 221 hp

Ducati has just announced the new Panigale V4 R ahead of the 2018 EICMA in Milan, and V4 R is faster and more powerful than the Ducati Panigale V4 S. The Panigale V4 R is a slightly reduced version of the current Panigale V4, so which can meet World Superbike (WSBK) approval requirements. WSBK bikes need to have displaced below 1,000 cc, and the current Panigale V4 has a displacement of 1,103 cc. So, introduce the new Ducati Panigale V4 R with a 998 cc Desmosedici Stradale R engine, which not only meets the requirements of WSBK, but also produces more power than the standard Panigale V4.

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With 221 hp of power, the Panigale V4 R is the most powerful Ducati ever produced

The Panigale V4 R has 221 bhp and 111 Nm of maximum torque thanks to lighter engine components and greater air inlet efficiency. The engine turns faster than the V4 and also the red lines slightly higher with the rotation limiter driving the sixth gear at 16,500 rpm. And with the optional Akrapovic racing exhaust system, the V4 R's performance is a bit higher, rated at 234 bhp. Cosmetically also, there are some changes in the design of the Panigale V4 R.

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The Panigale V4 R sports a new double-tail fairing as entrances and winglets, as well as a slightly larger windshield

The bike boasts a new fairing and a new aerodynamic package with a larger windshield. The new fairing launches two sports bits for better engine cooling, and aerodynamic carbon fiber winglets increase downward force at the front, under strong acceleration. The exclusive decoration of the V4 R gets the Ducati Red trimmed by the brushed aluminum finish on the fuel tank.

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The Panigale V4 R uses the same set of electronic components as the standard V4, but is set to more threshold levels


The electronic package has also been updated, with a new space limiter and GPS-enabled back timer. The rest of the electronics package is similar to the Panigale V4 with ABS of Bosch curves, Ducati traction control, slider control, roulette control, power take off and a bi-directional (up / down) throttle. The V4 R also features a mechanically adjusted Ohlins racing specification suspension and an aluminum swingarm with a four-position adjustable pin. Pricing and availability will still be announced, but we expect the V4 R to be slightly more expensive than the standard Ducati Panigale V4.

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