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DrLam Coaching is bringing awareness and insight into the health condition known as adrenal fatigue. – Press release

Adrenal fatigue is a health concern that has been affecting many people around the world. Its symptoms are relatively mundane but can have a huge effect on people's overall health if they are not resolved quickly. DrLam Coaching is a service created by Michael Lam, MD to help those who suffer from this condition and to bring awareness about its effects on the body.

People live such hectic lives these days. Many are burdened by their jobs, relationships, future plans and are taking their toll physiologically. More and more people are suffering from diseases that can be traced back to their lifestyle. One such health problem is called adrenal fatigue and is affecting many people around the world. But what is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a stress related condition that affects many body systems, including the nervous system, the endocrine system, as well as the body's digestive system and metabolism. Signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue include easily fatigued and irritated, craving for salty foods, low blood pressure and inability to sleep at night. To solve this health problem, a professional should be consulted. Dr. Michael Lam is a highly trained physician who has established the DrLam as a means of helping people suffering from adrenal fatigue and guiding them back to a balanced life free of any health problems.

The concept of adrenal fatigue has gained momentum in recent years due to countless people who complain of the same symptoms. Prospective physicians, including Dr. Lam, coined the term Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and are struggling to raise awareness of this health crisis. Dr. Lam attributed the cause of adrenal fatigue because of how people live their lives – working long hours, eating unhealthy foods, making toxic addictions. It is more difficult for the body to deal with stress. The body's reaction to this is to increase the dosage of the hormone adrenaline in our blood to be able to handle it. But the body never intended to have too much adrenaline in the blood without incurring negative effects.

Those with adrenal fatigue experience a wide range of symptoms that individually could easily be taken for granted but collective could mean a deeper underlying condition that in advanced cases can lead to disability and loss of vitality. Dr. Lam cites that symptoms occur in all organ systems, from the difficulty in remembering things to unexplained hair loss. Sufferers also experience migratory discomfort, drowsiness, having to eat frequent meals and snacking and pulsing heart episodes for no apparent reason. This condition can be reversed through the holistic nutritional support that Dr. Lam offers.

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