Division 2 open beta is already being preloaded for players


The open beta of Division 2 starts tomorrow, with Ubisoft preloading the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The next open beta happens on the weekend between March 1st and 4th.


Ubisoft will offer up to 3 main missions that can be played in normal and difficult difficulties, where you can check out the Grand Washington Hotel, the Jefferson Trade Center and the Viewpoint Museum. The first two were available to play in the private betas of The Division 2, but now everyone will take a look courtesy of the open beta.

There are some new things in the open beta, when you have finished the Jefferson Trade Center, you will have 3 30 level characters that you can play in the final game content. Division 2's open beta will also include Skirmish PvP, nicknamed Capitol Ruins, as well as two more Liquidation Projects.

Division 2 will have a maximum level of 8 for the open beta, while there will be a new Chem Launcher skill with the Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor variants. If you play, let us know what you think about it!


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