Devastating truth behind the viral note written on the board in the mother's front room


A touching note written on a whiteboard sparked a moving discussion about the tragic realities of loving someone with dementia.

The list, written by a daughter for her elderly mother, includes reminders like "you did not bother anyone" and "you do not owe money to anyone".

The sign was placed in a place where the woman would always see the first thing.

And according to experts, it's a good way to reassure those who suffer from memory loss.

Sharing the list on Reddit, the post said, "A simple whiteboard left in your line of sight in your living room helped reduce the constant anxious phone calls."

Many people commented that the list, believed to have come from Australia, was "painful" and "sweet."

But mostly, the signal sparked an open and honest conversation about how difficult it is to live with a dementia sufferer.

Many people commented that the list was bleak & # 39;

One of them said, "That comes close to home. In the last years of my father's life, we would have these conversations like this, where he would worry about these things."

Another said, "Wow, so powerful. Such simple statements, but the very fact that this daughter took the time to write them, shows how kind and thoughtful she is.

"What a lucky mother."

One caregiver wrote, "That's sweet, but it's also bleak.

"Having worked with many patients with dementia, I have seen the constant anxiety that some of them succeed and would not wish it on my worst enemy.

"I wrote notes for patients very similar to that. It helps."

The signal sparked an honest conversation about living with a dementia sufferer. [file image]

The complete list of thoughtful messages for your mother with dementia is here:

– Your meals are paid for

– Are you alright

– You're not moving.

– No one else is moving.

– Keep drinking, it will help your memory.

– You do not owe money to anyone.

You did not bother anyone.

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