Destination 2: Thorn is finally coming back, the latest trailer for Word


Just when you were getting excited to chase The Last Word, one of the best weapons on Destiny 1, when it returns to Destiny 2, Bungie goes and causes an even bigger deal: Thorn.

Bungie has released a trailer for their next in-game event, The Draw, for those who bought their annual pass, which confirmed that players will be hunting the Exotic Hand The Last Word cannon. This is a Destiny 1 weapon that many wanted it to return to, and it is one that has a ton of knowledge and history attached to it.

In fact, The Last Word is a part of a famous duel in which a heroic Guardian has hunted down and killed an assassin who had fallen on the Destiny version of the Black Side of the Force. If you are confused in one of Destiny's best stories, check out our knowledge about The Draw.

Draw already looked like it would continue that story, which Bungie has also advanced throughout its great expansion of Year Two, Forsaken. But in the final moments of the trailer for the new event, Bungie launched a bomb in causing the return of Thorn in the 6th season, which begins in March.

Destiny 1 players will remember with fondness or disgust the weapon that often dominated the competitive Crucible of the original game. Thorn fired bullets that delayed damage over time, which meant that many players belittled it and its users as being low-skilled – but that did not detract from its popularity.

While Thorn's return seems confirmed by Bungie's trailer for The Last Word, the question of when he is coming to the game has yet to be answered. Earlier, Bungie gave us an idea of ​​when things are happening over the second year with their content map, which also details which events are free to all players and which ones are unique to the people who bought the annual pass. Since The Draw is an annual pass event, it seems likely that Thorn will be too – but out of it at some point in Season 6, it's not clear when we can expect one of Destiny's most dangerous weapons to once again invade the Crucible.


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