Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, makes a revelation about the couple's relationship


Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend has admitted he would love to become the football star's wife, but has nullified rumors that they are already engaged.

Georgina Rodriguez, 25, told the brilliant Spanish magazine Hola! the Juventus striker has not yet asked for his hand in marriage.

But she admitted, "Every couple wants to get married and I would personally love it.

"Well, we have priorities and many responsibilities, although in the future it's wonderful to become Cristiano's wife."

The beautiful brunette also said movingly about the recent death of her sick father – and how the five-time winner of Ballon d'Or was comforting her in her time of need.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have been dating since 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez take part in a football match

She did not mention the criminal past of her Argentine-born father, Hola! Interview and no direct questions were asked about the long prison sentence he received in Spain for two drug offenses before being expelled from the country.

The Spanish magazine was the first publication to reveal last week that Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez Gorjon had died at age 70 in Buenos Aires.

The former shop employee Georgina flew to Argentina and posted a picture on her Instagram coinciding with her 25th birthday, but made no mention at the time of her father's death.

The closest she came to mentioning her father's famous drug story in the interview was when she was asked what she would like to "clarify" about the scandal surrounding her father's life and replied, "I believe in justice and divine law. I leave them in their hands.

Georgina Rodriguez with her and the daughter of Cristiano, Alana

"All I can say about my father is that I have never met a person with a larger, more generous heart than he."

Revealing Cristiano's support when she suffered her terrible defeat – despite confirming that the soccer player and her daughter Alana Martina never met her father in person – she added: "My partner is always by my side. I have his support every day.

Referring to the other three children of Cristiano she is helping to create – twins Eva and Mateo, who are two in June and Cristiano Jr, age eight, she added, "He is helping me a lot in these sad times and I am trying to be strong for the kids and for him.

"They are the happiness of my life."

She also said her father admired Cristiano, who turned 34 on Tuesday as a football player, and was excited about joining them.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez with the son of Juventus star Cristiano Jr

She blamed the fact that they could never find themselves in "bad luck," saying that her father suffered a brain haemorrhage three years ago, which left him terribly sick and with mobility problems just as she met the soccer player.

In an emotional outpouring of grief, she said to Hola!: "I am heartbroken over my father's death.

"It was very hard to say goodbye forever to the person who loves you, supports you, protects you, encourages you, and counsels you.

"Losing this great love is something that separates you. There are no words to express this feeling.

Former Buenos Aires-born soccer player Jorge was arrested in 2003 in Spain and released in 2013 after receiving 11-year and 2-year sentences although he was licensed for part of that time and was not arrested 24 hours a day .

It is believed that he was expelled from the country and forbidden to return to Spain after completing his sentence in August 2013.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet proposed to Georgina Rodriguez

It was known that he was seriously ill and his medical care was being paid in part for the money that Georgina and her older sister, Ivana, sent to relatives in Argentina.

Jorge, who met Georgina's mother after moving to Spain in the 1980s, was found guilty of trafficking cocaine and cannabis resin in separate trials at the main criminal court in Madrid, the National High Court.

The judges there deal with extraditions of British criminals and also tried some of the most dangerous terrorists in Spain, including those responsible for the Madrid bombings in 2004, which killed 193 people and wounded about 2,000.

His conviction for cocaine trafficking, set out in an 18-page document dated July 28, 2003, shows how he planned a failed attempt to smuggle more than £ 100,000 of cocaine from Spain to France using a hole where he was hiding from warrants pending arrest.

Two accomplices were detained by police near Madrid on January 26, 1999, when they went to the French city of Nice to deliver the drugs to an Italian nicknamed "spaghetti" in English.

The Ronaldo family celebrates winning the Champions League in 2018 for Real Madrid

The passenger tried to avoid jail by throwing the drugs – just over three pounds of 83% pure cocaine – out of his Fiat Tipo window.

Georgina's father was not able to receive accusations of rejected charges as evidence at his trial, which linked him to a Colombian who had paid for the drugs.

Prosecutors wanted him to be imprisoned for 13½ years, but the three judges judged an 11-year sentence and a fine of £ 106,500, determining that he had fulfilled "coordination tasks.

He received his second sentence on November 22, 2010.

A different judge from the Audiencia Nacional handed him a two-year jail sentence for smuggling of cannabis resin from Morocco to Spain with six accomplices.

Ronaldo moved to Juventus last summer

Martinez was convicted of organizing a boat drop in the resort resort of Roquetas de Mar on Costa Tropical in December 2008 during a brief early release of the license.

Police found almost one tonne of cannabis resin valued at more than 1 million pounds during an operation at a warehouse near the site where the drugs were taken after being smuggled to Spain.

Two guns and six bullets, described as "in perfect working order" and supplied by two gang members who were also convicted of possessing weapons, were found in the same warehouse.

Prosecutors demanded a four-year, six-month prison sentence for Rodriguez, but he was released with lighter punishment because he confessed.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano forged his relationship with Georgina during the lock-ins at the luxury clothing store where he used to work.

The former Real Madrid striker faces a new US police investigation into allegations of Kathryn Mayorga that he raped at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009, who met Georgina at a Gucci store in central Madrid in June 2016 when he was buying summer clothes.

She soon became her first serious girlfriend since he broke up with Russian beauty Irina Shayk in early 2015.

He took her to his luxurious home on a closed estate outside the Spanish capital before moving to Turin.

Last year, the player's mother said about Georgina during an interview to the magazine about the love life of her son, children and her alcoholic father Dinis, who drank in a premature grave in September 2005: "She is the mother of my granddaughter . She is a future daughter-in-law. She's not my daughter-in-law yet. She is a future daughter-in-law. She is a very calm person.

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