British mother with terminal cancer sent a brutal card telling her to "stop begging for money"


A British mother of five children battling terminal cancer received a brutal card by the door telling her to "stop asking for money".

Karen Land found the horrible note on the door's mailbox Saturday, reports Lincolnshire Live.

The 40-year-old mother is battling two aggressive brain tumors only a few weeks after receiving breast cancer in August last year.

Tumors were also found in his lungs on Oct. 4 during his tight program of testing and treatment.

The card, which had "thinking of you" written on the front, had the message: "Stop asking for money!

"Just with raffles, just financing.

"Why do you still want people giving money to you?

"What will happen to the money when there is no cure for you?"

It is not known who sent her the letter, however Land is worried that it is someone she knows, because it did not come with a stamp.

"I was shocked that someone would do that to someone in my position," she told Lincolnshire Live.

"I do not understand how anyone can be so bothered with my life that they strive to do something like that.

"I'm not angry, I wish I had discussed the issue with them. I think I'm inclined to say they're more worthy of pity."

Land said he wanted to stay positive and not let him put her down.

"I do not want this to take on the moments I should be enjoying," she said

"I always wake up in the morning feeling optimistic with a smile on my face. I think I was a little complacent when I got cancer the first time, but I'm willing to go to the fullest to get rid of it."

On her crowdfunding page, Land explains the treatment she is going through and reveals why she created the account.

"As I do not have much time yet, I'm desperate to raise these funds so that I can have this treatment, which, if jobs can give me extra precious time with my kids," she wrote.

"My youngest children are only 7 and 9 years old and I'm prepared to do anything to make sure I'm around as long as I can."

You can donate to the Justgiving Land page here.


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