Analysts are skeptical, but the Bitcoin Bulls (BTC) are in full throttle


  • Bitcoin rally prices target US $ 6,000
  • Participation levels decrease, but may increase by the edge of the BTC

Analysts are optimistic, and while some contend that bears are still in control, a mix of positive and fundamental developments, as well as favorable candleholder arrangements, mean that Bitcoin bulls (BTCs) are firm. An easy target is $ 6,000.

Bitcoin Price Analysis


It is always a dispute between supply and demand. In addition to the hype element that is honestly hard to gauge, it is clear that the market is down. We may even be in the encrypted spring and early stage of the next wave that would take Bitcoin to $ 100,000 or more. At least that's what analysts see.

Earlier, we mentioned how reducing the half of next year would increase earnings towards $ 130k or more. However, what we have is an educated market and moderate investors. After the fall of last year, a combination of favorable technical arrangement of candles, as well as a maturing market and regulatory contributors that translate into volumes, are very strong. With better liquidity and whales in the equation, the depth of the market is profound, and the super rally stories of late 2017 would probably be a one-time event.

In addition, if we consider the perma-bears who think that even if Bitcoin's prices exceed $ 6,000, the bears of late 2018 would still be in control, so it's easy to see why the road to $ 12,000 or even still $ 100,000 is full of bombs and uncertainty.

Even so, what would erode all this and pave the way is an upbeat U.S. SEC announcement that any of the nine Bitcoin ETFs or China will allow exchanges back – what we all know from their recent stance is ideal, but distant.

Arrangement of candlestick

Bitcoin BTC

The Bitcoin Bulls (BTC) are stable and gradually approaching our ideal targets at $ 5,800- $ 6,000. As we mentioned earlier, the BTC / USD is trading within a high leakage pattern.

Also, as they stand firm above $ 4,500 and, most importantly, above $ 5,000 psychological, the BTC is trending on monthly highs above a critical resistance trend line visible on the weekly chart.

Since last week's bar is right and all our trading conditions are true, buyers can seek undervalue on shorter terms, ideally above $ 44,700, assuming there is a pullback with the first target at $ 6,000. If they do not and buyers clear $ 5,200 because of the high momentum, buyers can enter at a market rate with $ 4,800 stops as they target $ 6,000.

Technical Indicators

Volumes are shrinking, but we expect participation to occur in the coming days. Unless, of course, there is a counting bar with high volumes above 54k reversing the gains of April 2 and invalidating our optimistic outlook. Ideally, over $ 6,000 should be matched by high volumes above 54 on April 2, consolidating our bulls and founding the base for $ 8,000.

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