All goals from 15:00 including Huddersfield vs. Arsenal


Tit is the most alarming thing about Arsenal's surrender to Manchester City last weekend, Sam Dean he remarked, was how the players reacted to the situation. It will be a very different character test today, of course, but there are still questions about the mental resilience of this squad.

Emery usually talks about playing with intensity, about selecting players who have the right mindset. He is not just a coach but a fighter. He is an energy ball that pumps the fist and hits the chest on the sideline, where he is known for celebrating a tackle with enthusiasm as a goal.

These are qualities he has tried to inject into his team since arriving in north London and overall he has succeeded – only Arsenal's more uncertain fans would say that there have been no general improvements in the physicality, intensity and intensity of the team. and fighting spirit since Emery replaced Arsene Wenger.


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