2020 Alpina B7 emanates same grade with gigantic grid


Woodcliff Lake – February 11, 2019 …Today, ALPINA, together with BMW, presents the revised version of its exclusive B7 xDrive sedan. The new 2020 B7 is ALPINA's 6th generation full-size luxury performance model and the 3rd generation B7 will be available in the US.

Smooth performance, explosive power delivery.
In addition to its highly praised smoothness, the new ALPINA B7 xDrive sedan impresses with its improved responsiveness and increased horsepower throughout the rpm range. Continuous developments and detailed improvements mean that the combination of high torque output and a high dynamic load transmission results in better driving performance than its predecessor.

The state-of-the-art 4.4-liter V8 engine with two fully-variable twin-scroll turbochargers, direct injection and Valvetronic valve control, and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing provide 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The exhaust side of the turbochargers is equipped with a 54 mm (formerly 50 mm) diameter impeller. In addition, ALPINA specific intercoolers feature an interconnection to equalize and reduce the pressure pulsations between the two V8 engine cylinder banks. This, along with new engine management software, means that the peak torque is 590 lb.-ft. is available from just 2000 rpm up to 5,000 rpm (previously 3,000 – 5,000 rpm). This leads to a significantly improved acceleration response, more engaging power delivery, and effective performance gain in the most relevant rpm range.

The new ALPINA B7 now accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds (previously 3.6 seconds) and can reach a top speed of 205 mph (formerly 194 mph).

All components of the ALPINA high performance refrigeration system are designed to remove inefficiencies and maximize efficiency – special high volume coolers are interconnected by large diameter tubing for maximum efficiency. Intercoolers comprise an indirect air-to-air configuration to facilitate short air inlet paths. Combined with additional external water chillers and a transmission oil cooler, the system ensures the thermodynamic stability of the V8 twin-turbocharged engine at all times, even under higher loads and higher ambient air temperatures.

The new ALPINA B7 features the latest 8-speed sports transmission from the ZF (8HP76) with ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC. The transmission software has been totally redesigned by ALPINA and specifically tailored to the performance characteristics of the new V8 twin-turbocharger, offering exceptional driving comfort and performance in all situations.

Near marching rates and a total spread of 7.81: 1 result in high levels of comfort and efficiency in the changes. In Auto Mode, the combination of eight gears and high engine torque make cruising uncontrollable with low engine speed even when traveling at higher speeds. In Sport Mode, shift times have been improved over the previous generation of B7 and are now considerably faster.

Transmission components such as the locking clutch torque converter and planetary gear assemblies are reinforced and, along with the internal transmission cooling, are designed to handle the high torque output of the twin turbocharged V8 engine. This means that no reduction of torque is required during gear shifts.

The ALPINA stainless steel sports exhaust system is responsible for a reduction in both pressure and weight. Active exhaust valves allow the driver to change the sound experience using the Driving Experience Control to select between Comfort mode and Sport mode. In typical ALPINA fashion: the two dual tailpipe exhaust systems are elegantly integrated into the rear bumper.

The ALPINA sport suspension offers unrivaled agility and comfort.
The new ALPINA B7 combines the latest suspension technology to deliver exceptional comfort at any speed, as well as unrivaled agility and precise handling.
The standard two-axle pneumatic suspension system, combined with the Dynamic Damper Control and the Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview, ensure the highest level of driving comfort while Active Roller Stabilization minimizes body rolling during cornering. The rear axle direction of the standard Integral Active Steering system gives the new dynamic performance levels leaders of the ALPINA B7 class and lightweight drive.

The Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview also includes an advanced chassis control function. Advanced information to control the combination of chassis systems are learned from steering style analysis readouts, navigation system data and a stereo camera, and significantly increase driving comfort and active safety.
While the two-axle pneumatic suspension system with self-leveling function is primarily responsible for the exceptional level of driving comfort, it also allows the driving height to be adjusted to a total of 1.4 ". At speeds above 140 mph or when selecting Sport + Mode, the new ALPINA B7 automatically reduces your ride height by 0.6 "to a lower center of gravity and better handling. When required, the stroke height can also be increased by 0.8 "up ​​to a speed of 20 mph to increase ground clearance.

The Electronic Damper Control settings, which influence both recovery and compression, can be selected using the Driving Experience Control key. A wide range of ALPINA shock absorber configurations are available, from Comfort + Mode for a relaxed and effortless cruise to the ALPINA Sport + Mode, for maximum dynamic performance.

Active Direction Integral Sports Standard
In conjunction with the high-performance propulsion system and the four-wheel drive system, the all-wheel drive offers a driving experience par excellence. Combines a variable-ratio electric steering system on the front axle with active steering on the rear axle, whereby the wheels can rotate a maximum of 3 degrees. Especially calibrated for MICHELIN® suspension and non-runflat ALPINA performance tires, the rear axle opposes the front axle at low speeds for greater agility and dynamic handling. On the other hand, at higher speeds, the rear axle drives with the front axle for maximum directional stability.

ALPINA CLASSIC wheels and model specific MICHELIN® performance tires
The new ALPINA B7 is equipped with MICHELIN® performance tires of 255/40 ZR20 on the front and 295/35 ZR20 on the rear, mounted on the 8.5 x 20 "and 10 x 20" ALPINA CLASSIC wheels. Optional 21 "ALPINA CLASSIC wheels feature a super-minimalist design – high density, high strength aluminum as a result of forging leads to a weight savings of more than 20% of the mass not suspended per wheel. MICHELIN® Performance Tires are specifically designed to meet the demands of high-performance sports cars. They contribute directly to the precise feel of driving the new ALPINA B7, while anticipating run-flat technology in the interest of improved driving comfort. For customers who want it, all-season 20 "tires are available as an option at no cost.

Performance brake system
A revised brake system, now using wire brake technology, combines powerful stopping power with constant feedback from the brake pedal. On the front axle, the fixed 4-piston calipers are paired with 15.55 x 1.42-inch disks. On the rear axle, the floating calipers are now paired with discs larger than 15.67 x 1.10 inches.

Intelligent four-wheel drive system BMW xDrive with ALPINA calibration.
The four-wheel drive system is based on the technical potential of BMW's xDrive system and its intelligent distribution of drive power, which continuously distributes torque between the front and rear axles in milliseconds for maximum traction and control. The torque distribution control programming, which is connected to the Dynamic Stability Control and the engine management system, is performance oriented and increases agility and driving dynamics – especially under lateral acceleration – while maintaining balanced handling and neutral.

Exterior design.
The design of the 7 Series, the main BMW sedan, has been for generations characterized by progressive and sporty elegance. The iconic BMW rim grille has grown in size and function and, along with new narrow headlights, makes up the powerful front appearance. The new and more modern appearance of the aerodynamic elements and ALPINA style accentuates the visual presence of the new ALPINA B7 and its performance character.

A new front bumper with functional air intakes, ALPINA floating letters and horizontal character lines works in conjunction with the rear spoiler to effectively reduce almost zero lift on the front and rear axles, providing excellent stability at high speed.

The ALPINA stainless steel sport exhaust system features two double elliptical exhaust pipes that are seamlessly integrated into the rear bumper and give the rear a smooth, elegant look.

The exclusive paint finishes in ALPINA Blue Metallic and ALPINA Metallic Green are outstanding feature reserved exclusively for BMW ALPINA cars. A wide range of other BMW and BMW Individual paint finishes are also available.

Interior design and equipment.
Generous levels of space, carefully selected materials, harmoniously coordinated design details and unique finish combine to create a luxurious interior ambience in the new ALPINA B7. An extensive range of standard equipment ensures maximum comfort and comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Nappa leather, multifunctional comfort seats, leather instrument panel, ceramic inserts on control elements and soft closed doors come as standard. Features such as a colorful headlamp display, a rear view camera and the latest BMW iDrive 7 navigation and communication systems help to support driving effortlessly.

Sutil ALPINA detailing advertising exclusivity and individual style for the interior of the new ALPINA B7. Hand-finished using exceptionally high-quality LAVALINA leather, the sporty steering wheel with blue and green stitching is captivating on the first touch due to its luxurious feel.

Contemporary Piano lacquer or Myrtle Luxury Wood classic internal finish, blue-colored door sills, ALPINA B7 model inscriptions and an individual production board are examples of unique equipment features.

The advanced digital color instrument display features a new ALPINA design with a classic or dynamic display depending on the selected driving mode. It is networked with the latest connectivity and communication functions.

Greater acoustic comfort.
A series of refinements serve to enhance acoustic comfort on board the new ALPINA B7. The tire noise level reaching the rear compartment of the exclusive luxury performance sedans has been reduced by the new armor on the rear wheel arches. Further reduction in the interior noise level is achieved by improved acoustic insulation in the B-pillar area, seat-belt covers and rear seat-back. Laminated glass with an increased thickness of 0.2 inches is now used not only for the windscreen, but also for the side windows and the rear window.

Improved sound insulation is a significant factor in the superior comfort level provided by the new ALPINA B7. Power windows feature new drive motors and control units that ensure precise power management, smooth movement and consistent sound when windows are lowered and raised.

Comfort for the passengers in a class of its own: Seats in the rear of the executive room, Touch control, Entertainment in the rear seat.
Available as an optional package, Rear Executive Lounge Seating appointments maximize the luxury and passenger comfort of the rear compartment. In addition to four-zone automatic climate control and individually adjustable electrically adjustable comfort seats with massage function, the equipment package also includes active ventilation for all seats and an Executive Rear Console with rear seat entertainment experience including a BMW Touch Command tablet.

The backseat entertainment system consists of two 10-inch full-HD monitors, complete with a Blu-ray player. The system allows users to access the vehicle's entertainment, navigation and online functions from the rear seats. The viewing angle of the screens, which now have the functionality of the touch screen, can be adjusted according to the seat position of the rear seat passengers. Additional enhanced hardware is the defining feature of the latest version of the BMW Touch Command unit. This removable tablet with a diagonal screen of seven inches can be used from any seat and even outside the vehicle. It allows occupants to operate comfort functions such as seat adjustment, interior lighting and temperature control, as well as infotainment, navigation and communication systems. It can also be used to play external audio and video files. The graphics and menu system of the BMW Touch Command tablet and rear seat entertainment experience displays are now in line with the software and functionality features of the BMW iDrive 7, which is also used for dashboard digital displays and Control Display. in the new ALPINA B7 to create an environment with a contemporary look and feel focused on the individual needs of the user.

Driver assistance systems. Down the road for automated assisted driving in comfort and safety.
The new ALPINA B7 highlights its status as one of the most innovative models in the luxury performance segment with a full range of standard and optional driver assistance systems. Numerous new functions have been added by introducing the latest generation of advanced driver assistance systems from BMW, which come to the driver's aid in all sorts of different situations and specifically improve various aspects of comfort and safety in the process. They facilitate the driver's workload in monotonous driving conditions such as traffic jams and slow traffic, and facilitate full control in uncomfortable traffic situations. Camera images and data collected by ultrasound and radar sensors are used to monitor the area around the vehicle and alert the driver to hazards or minimize the risk of accident through corrective braking and steering. The assistance systems installed on the new ALPINA B7, with its impressive wealth of features, demonstrate how much progress has been made along the way towards automated steering.

The Active Driving Assistant package is the standard equipment for the new ALPINA B7. Based on radar and camera technology, it includes the collision warning and pedestrian function with City Braking, whose latest version also alerts the driver when a rider is detected. The Active Driving Assistant additionally includes Range Exit Warning Blind Spot Detection systems, which are operational from 44 to 130 mph and from 12 mph up to full speed respectively, and help the driver to drive the vehicle back to the correct path. steering wheel. Active Driving Assistant also features the speed limit information system, rear bump preparation, and cross traffic alert that mitigate rear collisions.

Driving Assistance Professional: Complete assistance for comfortable and safe driving.
The Standard Driving Assistance Professional package adds the Driving Assistance Professional feature set. It offers extensive assistance to make driving as safe and comfortable as possible. This comprehensive package adds Extended Traffic Assist for limited access roads, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Side Track Maintenance Assistant with Side Collision Prevention, Steering Assist and Bottling, Automatic Track Switching and Evasion Alert, and Cross Traffic.
Prolonged bottling The aid for limited access roads greatly facilitates the driver's load during what may be the most tedious part of driving, stopping and driving road traffic. Operating at speeds of up to 37 mph on divided highways, this assistance system uses the camera facing the inner driver to allow the driver to extend his hands while driving, as long as they are attentive to the road ahead. It also deals with acceleration and braking and is able to adapt the road speed to the planned route with the help of navigation data. As a result, the vehicle is decelerated automatically at an appropriate speed in preparation for curves, joints or forward turns. The camera-based traffic signal recognition system uses navigation data to gather information about future speed restrictions so that they can be taken into account in advance.

The Avoidance Wizard and Cross-Traffic Alert can help you avoid collisions with vehicles or pedestrians that suddenly appear on the driver's path. Once an evasive maneuver corresponding to this scenario is detected, the system supports the driver when he steers the vehicle to an adjacent lane.

Better driver focus and visibility in the dark: BMW Head-Up Display and BMW Night Vision.
By designing information graphics on the windscreen, BMW's optional Head-Up Display provides a particularly effective means of focusing on the driving task. The system mirrors the information directly into the driver's field of vision, where it can be assimilated without having to look away from the road. This includes details of vehicle speed, speed limits and override restrictions, check control messages, status indicators and warnings from other service systems, detailed turn instructions, as well as phone and entertainment directories.

The optional BMW Night Vision system includes pedestrian and animal detection as well as an indicator light. It relays a real-time video image to the control display showing people, larger animals, and other objects that emit heat. Any detected objects are additionally illuminated using the headlamp marker light function.
An aid with parking and maneuvers: Standard Assistant Plus and rear view camera.

Drivers of the new ALPINA B7 also receive effective assistance when parking and maneuvering. Standard Active Parking Distance Control (PDC) with front and rear sensors has a range of functions including not only visual and acoustic warnings but also automatic application of the brakes to avoid collisions with obstacles in the area around the vehicle.

A rear view camera comes from the factory, as well as the Auto Parking Assistant to automatically select and maneuver in spaces that can now be parallel or perpendicular to the road. Appropriate parking spots are identified with the aid of ultrasonic sensors as the vehicle passes. During the parking maneuver, the system takes care of the control of the accelerator, the brakes and the steering, as well as the change of gear. In addition, the system can also be used to automatically maneuver parallel parking spaces.

Unique in segment: Back-up Assistant.
Another of the standard features of the Parking Assistant Plus is the ingenious Back-Up Assistant, which helps the driver get out of parking spaces or maneuver when space is limited. This system is the only one of its kind in this segment and offers the highly convenient automated reversal facility, especially in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as multi-storey car parks, entrances to patios or narrow sidewalks. This is done by storing the steering movements made during the vehicle's last maneuver when traveling at speeds of up to 22 mph. The system is then able to drive the vehicle for distances of up to 50 yards along the same line it took to advance. All the driver needs to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals and monitor the surroundings of the vehicle.

The Panorama View and 3D Top View features are used to represent a 360 ° image of the vehicle and its surroundings from different perspectives on the control display. The Remote 3D View feature gives drivers the ability to access a three-dimensional live image of their vehicle and their immediate proximity to their smartphone.

BMW Live Cockpit with BMW iDrive 7.0 operating system, BMW Connected and ConnectedDrive. Digital, intelligent and fully connected.
The standard in the new ALPINA B7 is the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, an intelligent digital helper that responds to the "Hey BMW" prompt and is an intrinsic element of the iDrive 7 operating system. The BMW Group is ready to revolutionize steering ease with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant as it marks the beginning of a new era in which drivers will be able to operate their car more and more, access their functions and get information simply by talking.

BMWs acquire a digital personality.
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines and habits and can then apply them in the appropriate context. It helps the driver, learns his preferences and is familiar with the settings they like to have for seat heating, for example, or the places they often navigate ("Take me home"). A unique feature compared to other digital assistants of this type is the option to name it (such as "Charlie") for even greater individuality and personality. The wizard not only waits for all the driver's commands, he is always there to help and even provide a casual conversation. You are familiar with the functions of the vehicle and are able to operate them as needed. By saying "Hey BMW, I'm cold," BMW's Intelligent Personal Assistant will ask you to adjust the temperature inside the car accordingly. Continual enhancement of technology will allow him to learn more and more preferences and favorite settings in the future. The wizard gets better and better with each given command, each question and each configuration made.

Always on board: the BMW digital specialist.
The arrival of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant ensures that there is always a genuine BMW professional on board. It is able to explain all sorts of different functions ("How does parking distance control work?"), Provide information on current status ("Is oil level good?") And help answer questions warning messages do I have? "). He knows the driver's favorite settings and can even activate a combination of them to improve well-being. For example, "Hey BMW, I'm tired" triggers a program of vitality that adjusts the mood of lighting, music and temperature, among other things, to make the driver more alert.

Navigation connected with new digital services.
"Connected Navigation" encompasses a number of digital services that are designed to turn the planning of continuous and contextual routes into and out of BMW into an even more sophisticated experience. The drivers of the new ALPINA B7 can share destinations of some of your favorite applications directly in the navigation system of their cars. Top destinations will be stored in BMW Connected and synched with the car so that the most important addresses can be accessed from any device at any time. A particularly useful new feature is automatic parking, which offers several parking options both on and off the road before the destination is reached. This service provides information on the nearest car parks and garages, as well as proposes routes that offer a good opportunity to find a parking spot near the destination. To help create the new Automatic Parking Assistant, existing Street Parking Information data and Parkmobile services have been intelligently incorporated into its scope of functions.

Exactly the right information at the right time: the ALPINA B7 with the BMW iDrive 7.0 operating system.
The newly designed screen cluster comprising the dashboard and the Control Display, along with the addition of new functions, allows intuitive operation to be taken to the next level in the new ALPINA B7, helping drivers to focus even more on road. The standard BMW Live Cockpit Professional consists of a fully digital high-resolution instrument panel behind the steering wheel, with a diagonal 12.3-inch screen and a 10.25-inch diameter control display. This equipment package also features an adaptive navigation system and a multimedia hard disk based system with 20 GB of storage.

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional brings the 7th generation of BMW iDrive to the new ALPINA B7. The latest incarnation of the operating system has fully digital monitors and is closer to the driver's personal needs – in order to maximize their attention levels. The clear presentation and structuring of the system is designed to provide drivers with the right information at the right time, further aided by customizable and customizable content. The redesigned information display in the center of the dashboard now leaves enough space for a portion of the navigation map, for example. In the main menu of the Control Display, the driver is able to individually create and configure up to ten pages, each displaying two to four widgets (tiles) with live content such as navigation, vehicle information and entertainment. Both content and graphics are customized to an even greater degree, as illustrated by the vehicle model that matches the actual model and body color. The intuitive multimodal interaction between driver and vehicle benefits from further improvements. The Control Screen graphics adapts depending on the method of operation and the voice control system based on natural language understanding is better than ever. Depending on the situation, the driver can choose between the familiar iDrive controller, steering wheel controls, touch control on the screen, voice control or gesture control, depending on the driver's preferences.

Extensive standard equipment
The new ALPINA B7 comes standard with an extensive list of equipment, from comfort to safety. Standard features include Dynamic Damper Control and two-axle pneumatic suspension, Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview, automatic doors with smooth closing and comfort keyless entry, panoramic sunroof, rear sunshades, ventilated front seats with various contours with massage facility Heated front armrests, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, Harman-Kardon surround sound system, full adaptive LED lights with automatic headlights, wireless charging, gesture control, Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay compatibility with 1 year of evaluation, Multi – seated, folding rear seats and ambient lighting.

Standard assistance systems include Active Driving Assistant Professional, which includes Extended Traffic Jam Assistant for limited access routes, Active Blindspot Detection, Frontal Collision Mitigation with City Collision Mitigation, Range Exit Warning, Limit Information Speed ​​and Collision Preparation and Cross Traffic Alert. The Standard Plus Parking Assistant includes Active Park Distance Control, the 3D Surround Camera system, and the Back-up Assistant.

Options and Packages
Nappa Leather with Quilting – A new Nappa leather with extended quilts is now available in the Mocha and Cognac color options. The extensive three-dimensional surface padding is found on the front and rear seat cushions and backrests, armrests integrated into the door trim and center console, and gives the interior an added touch of luxury.

Full Merino Leather – Nappa leather interior can be upgraded from a full Merino leather in six color combinations, including Amarone Brown / Black, Fiona Red / Black, Smoke White / Black, Cashmere Beige / Black, Black and Tartufo.

Pacote de Design de Interiores – inclui pegas de madeira, cobertura do cinto de segurança traseiro em madeira, apoio de braço central traseiro com acabamento em madeira, tapetes traseiros de luxo e forro de tejadilho Alcantara em cor estofada coordenada.

Pacote de Assento Traseiro de Luxo – inclui assentos ventilados traseiros, bancos traseiros confortáveis, volante aquecido com bancos dianteiros e traseiros aquecidos e apoios de braços, assentos traseiros massageadores e Tablet de Comando Touch de 7 polegadas.

Pacote de Assentos do Salão Executivo Traseiro – inclui Assento e Apoio para os Pés Reclináveis ​​Elétricos, Console Traseiro Lounge Executivo e Profissional de entretenimento no banco traseiro.
As opções notáveis ​​disponíveis no mercado incluem: Telhado LED panorâmico Sky Lounge, Laserlight BMW, Sistema de som surround Bowers & Wilkins Diamond, Profissional de entretenimento nos bancos traseiros, Vison noturno com detecção de pedestres e jantes ALPINA CLASSIC de 21 polegadas.

Sedan 2020 ALPINA B7 xDrive

ALPINA B7 xDrive
Assentos 5
Número de portas 4
Tipo de drive AWD
length inches 207,4
Altura inches 58,2
Largura inches 74,9
Largura incluindo espelhos inches 85,4
Distância entre eixos inches 126,4
Distância ao solo inches 5.3
Raio de giro foot 21
Largura da frente do ombro inches 59,2
Parte traseira do quarto do ombro inches 57,7
Frente de espaço para os pés inches 41,4
Parte traseira do espaço para as pernas inches 44,4
Frente do headroom inches 39,9
Parte traseira do headroom inches 38,9
Volume do tronco (SAE) ft³ 18,2
Capacidade do tanque de combustível galões 20,6
Peso do freio lbs. 4,855
Peso bruto do veículo lbs. Tbd
Carga útil lbs. Tbd
Tipo de motor N63B44T3
Cilindros 8
Válvulas por cilindro 4
Acidente vascular encefálico mm 88,3
Furo mm 89
Displacement cm³ 4,395
Taxa de compressão : 1 10,5
Poder do motor hp 600
a rpm 1 minute 5,500 – 6,500
Torque do motor ft. lbs. 590
a rpm 1 minute 2.000 – 5.000
Tipo de combustível Gasolina
Combustível recomendado Premium E10
Capacidade de óleo do motor quarts 11,1
Saída por litro hp / litro 136,5
Tipo de transmissão Automático
Tipo de transmissão 8HP76
Relações de transmissão, 1st 5
2nd 3,2
3rd 2,14
4º 1,72
5º 1,31
6º 1
7º 0,82
8º 0,64
Marcha ré 3,28
Movimentação final 2,81
Tipo de direção hidráulica APA EPS
Relação de direção : 1 16,3
Pneus padrão, frente, não-runflat 255 / 40R20 Perf.
Pneus de 20 ”, padrão, traseiro, não-runflat 295 / 35R20 Perf.
Frente padrão de 20 ” inches 8,5 x 20
Rodas padrão de 20 ”, traseira inches 10,0 x 20
Pneus de 20 ”opcionais, dianteiros, não-runflat 255 / 40R20 AS
20 "Pneus, opcional, traseiro, não-runflat 295 / 35R20 AS
Pneus 21 ”, opcionais, dianteiros, não-runflat 255 / 35R21 Perf.
Pneus 21 ”, opcionais, traseiros, não-runflat 295 / 30R21 Perf.
Rodas de 21 ”, opcionais, dianteiras inches 8.5 x 21
21” Wheels, optional, rear inches 10.0 x 21
Track, front inches 63.9
Rear, track inches 63.7
Cx 0.32
0-60 mph seconds 3.5
Top speed (with all-season tires) mph 205 (130)
EPA Fuel Economy, city / hwy mpg Tbd


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