Zhen Cheng, Hari Won suddenly went for a mental test and this is the result


Thursday, February 28, 2011 2:12 PM (GMT + 7)

The "unique" work of the showbiz couple more humorous made the fans fall.

Zhen Cheng, Hari Won suddenly went to a mental test and this is the result - 1

On a recent personal page, Hari Won shared a photo with Tran Thanh, an available health examination. The Korean singer wrote, "Go to the doctor and get the results.Yes, it was confirmed! Normal psychological now everyone.Amorrow morning to laugh crazy.Ah, not crazy," Hari wrote funny.

Below the comments section, a large number of fans shared their surprises, at the same time "joined hands" with the famous couple's prank. However, some of Hari Won's "passionate" fans left a desire for the couple to have a baby soon, thus revealing the true reason why Tran Thanh's wife went for a mental examination.

Thus, in 2016, Hari Won was diagnosed with depression by Korean doctors. Zhen Cheng revealed that Hari Won is easily stressed, stopped eating, cried non-stop and was even more shocked when he had a psychological shock. People with this condition have a convulsive disorder, foaming at the mouth.

It is known that the time Hari Won and Tran Thanh openly affective relationship, the couple is very pressed and intends to die. After more than two years, many fans also hoped that the couple's health would be stable for good news soon.

Zhen Cheng, Hari Won suddenly went for a mental test and this is the result - 3

In addition, during the "When Pregnant Men" program of 2018, Tran Thanh also shared the fetus because Hari Won had cervical cancer for many years. Nowadays, the singers have healed completely, but still worry about affecting the fetus.

Not long ago, Tran Thanh said, Hari Won has been reexamined and completely healthy. The couple is ready, economically qualified to think about giving birth. I hope good news reaches this couple in the near future.

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Both Duc Thinh and Tran Thanh are secret people, do not like to show their assets in the newspaper.


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