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When the Korean entertainment village is baffled by some famous singers at risk of being arrested for illegal acts, the young Vietnamese fans are divided into two camps: one side is disappointed with the actions of these stars. And a small party still struggles to defend their idols.

[VIDEO] YG Entertainment officially ended the contract with Seungri

"Unconditional love"

Although Seungri – a former member of the Korean band Big Bang with a huge fan base in Vietnam – has admitted two crimes: breaking food hygiene laws and releasing photos and pornographic clips in the chat group; In addition, he was also accused of police prostitution and misappropriation of the Monkey Museum Club, but many young Vietnamese still insisted that their idols were not related to the other charges, that someone deliberately grabbed Seungri to distract public opinion about a suicide case sexual assault Meteor garden Jang Ja-yeon.

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At an immature age, it is very likely that blind idol fans will be applauded by the crowd, leading to misconceptions about moral standards, acting upon them.

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Master in Psychology Nhi Nhi A

Facebook fanpage page We love Seungri unconditional, with more than 120,000 followers, constantly updating posts from Seungri. On another page is Thanh Xuan I have Seungri, with more than 3,382 followers, can read confidences such as: "I always believe he is not this person.To now, I still believe in Seungri unconditionally" or "Seungri, you are really cool "I want to say that no matter what, my love for you will never change. I love you unconditionally and always support you." The blind fans' part also conveys the saying: "The Seungri scandal is his fault. But not protecting Seungri is probably V.I.P's fault, we are. "Official Big Bang fans are called V.I.P (who has a very important position). The name is also based on the name of the group's second single, the Big Bang is VIP, which debuted in 2006. An online petition of 12,000 signatures, many of which are from Vietnam, was sent to YG Entertainment – Bang, with the title of keeping Seungri in the K-pop industry, has asked the company to keep Seungri in Korean entertainment.

While Vietnamese fans show absolute confidence in the idols, on April 4, MBC (South Korea) announced a list of 10 members of the depraved chat group called Tokbang, all popular names. Jung Joon-young, Seungri (Big Bang), Roy Kim, Kangin (Super Junior), Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE, (2AM) Jung Jin-woon, -hoon (former member of the FT Island group), Eddy Kim and the Lee Chul-woo model. On April 5, South Korean police said that, in addition to the previous charges, Seungri faced a new allegation of evidence-wasting after he asked members of the chat rooms to switch phones when the scandal exploded. 26.2.
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Many fanpages were created by Vietnamese fans to support Seungri

This is not the first time some Vietnamese fans have been blinded by a kimchi land idol. About 5 years ago, the actor Kim Hyun-joong was accused of assaulting his girlfriend Choi by abortion. After this scandal, the name of Kim Hyun-joong is almost lost in Korean entertainment, because his film and music projects are not welcome.

But in the Vietnamese market, this actor is still loved by fans with a number of fanpages like Kim Hyun-joong FC Vietnam, Kim Hyun-joong Fans & Association with hundreds of thousands of followers supporting posts. Kim Hyun-joong. Fans also blindly released evidence that actor Park Shi-hoo has always been educated with his colleagues and fans to deny he was accused of sexual assault by a trainee in 2013.

You need to be right about idols.

Master of Psychology For Nhi A said that in the process of modeling and developing personality, it is normal for young people to choose a model to meet their criteria.

"In the psychological and mature development of children, they can not orient themselves, but they also have the role of accompanying families and schools. If you have a good companion, good guidance, you will be able to choose an idol with a deep and high level of learning, a lifestyle, a positive behavior … In fact, people who are currently idolized now often celebrities, influential coverage and especially the artists, "said Nhi Nhi.

Through many years of teaching and psychological counseling for many disciplines, many ages, Master To Nhi A finds that affection for young idols is a very special and sacred form of affection. So for them to accept that their idols are wrong, contrary to their expectations and expectations, is a great challenge.

"Families and schools need to talk quietly with them, giving them advice. Hence, helping them to have adequate awareness about the wrong behavior of idols to regulate their own behavior. If not, at the age of immaturity, it is likely that fans of the blind idol will be applauded by the crowd, leading to misconceptions about moral standards, acting on them, "she said.


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