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Regarding the director's case, the preschool brought the puto's bike for 23 million dong, female director Ha Thi Tham initially admitted his crime.

As Labor reported, day 27.2, the Duy Tien district police (Ha Nam) said that they arrested Ha Thi Tham with an emergency (SN 1990), residing in the village of Dinh Trang, in the commune of Lam Ha, in the city of Phu Ly, behavior. theft of property.

According to the initial research paper, Ha Thi Tham is currently the director of the Happy Kids Preschool, located in the new urban area of ​​Dong Van, Dong Van City, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province.

Around 13:00 on January 23, Tham discovered and took the bike keys from Mrs. Dao Thi H., a school teacher, a Honda Lead brand, brought the Supervisory Board: 90B2 – 335.33, to the pedestal from the first floor stairs. Tham took the car to unlock and control Mrs. Ha's car to Mr. Nguyen Van T's pawn shop (June 1952, living in Trinh village, Duy Minh commune, Duy Tien district) promising $ 23 million dong.

The amount of money promised, Tham spent 20 million dong. Building the reason why Mrs. Ha's motorcycle was stolen by the bad man, Tham gave her 3 million VND on behalf of the school "supporting" Mrs. Ha to buy another car.

Regarding the above case, on February 28, when switching to PV, the Duy Tien district police, Ha Nam province, said the district police CSDT agency is struggling to complete the dossier. Ha Thi Tham statue on property theft.

According to the Duy Tien district police, through the initial struggle, the functional force identified Ha Thi Tham as an opportunity, creating a desire to lead criminal acts. This child care website is in the process of improving the procedures to operate.

"The case was accepted by us on the basis of the report of the victim Dao Thi H. (SN 1994, resident in Hamlet 10, Dai Cuong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province).

Ms. H. is a teacher at the Happy Kids Preschool because Ha Thi Tham is appointed as a principal. The position of Mrs. H. in this case is to deal with the matter according to law "- informed the Duy Tien district police.

More information about the incident, Mr. Dang Tien Luc – Chairman of the Lam Ha Ward People's Committee said that the Ha Thi Tham issue is not local but has a place of origin in Nghe An province. The object already had a husband . Visit the Lam Ha Wing to get married and live for about 2 years.

Still according to Mr. Dang Tien Luc, before bringing the teachers' motorcycle to promise 23 million dongs, Tham had no criminal record. Through local public opinion, the authorities know that Tham has a relatively high debt.

Currently the case is being investigated and clarified by the CSĐT police of the Duy Tien district.


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