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"Why do you buy cars so much in low-income apartments ?!"


The secretary of the Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Thanh Tung, questioned why low-income residents have so many cars?

Recently, people living around the Long Thinh apartment building (Ghenh Rang neighborhood, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province) are concerned about the situation of insecurity, environmental pollution, parking and parking on some roads. Near this apartment, people, especially students, travel to traffic accidents lately.

Ms. Nguyen Thi M. (in area 5, Ghenh Rang Ward) said the biggest inadequacy in Long Thinh apartment is the problem of environmental pollution from household waste in this apartment and parking parking problem. , invade all the way that people go.

Mr. Ngo Hoang Nam – Chairman of the Quy Nhon City People's Committee said that almost 50% of households in low-income apartments in Long Thinh buy cars?

"Household residues residing in the Long Thinh apartment building are contained in a closed container, but the garbage is discarded for 24 hours, until midnight the new garbage collector comes to collect the garbage. hot in the sun that the garbage in the container was stinking and rotten.I propose that the Ghenh Ward People Committee have ideas to change the environmental issues in this apartment.In fact, one day we ran but we did not know where to hide because of the bad smell " , said Mme. M ..

As for the condition of the cars parked on the road, M. became irritated: "It is only in the afternoon, especially on Saturday, that the cars are parked on the road. When we said these drivers said: The road has no prohibition road, we have the right to park, this road does not it is the road from the lady's house, but the lady's opinion, when there is a ban, we do not park.I know the car is from Long Thinh apartment dwellers, because of the high cost of parking in the apartment, they parked without money .

Long Thinh Apartment has many cars parked outside the campus (photo taken on the afternoon of June 11).

Ms. Phan Thi Kim P. (in the 5th quarter, wing Ghenh Rang) proposed: "Long Thinh apartment complex is very complicated, it is recommended that authorities have to take action to deal with."

According to Mr. Ngo Hoang Nam – Chairman of the People's Committee of the City of Quy Nhon, the Long Thinh Apartment Building is the first social housing project built for low-income workers and workers in Binh Dinh province. However, after coming into use, there were many complicated problems, causing voters to react.

"This is a social housing for low-income people, but in fact, after entering the house, 480 homes have cars, almost 50% of the residents of the apartments. Many cars lead to pressure on the parking lot. Buying cars is a legitimate need of people, you can not prohibit them from buying cars. This is very miserable because in the past, especially in social housing, it was not built for basements of cars. Social housing for people who do not have enough income to buy cars, but now they are buying too many cars, "Nam questioned.

The Be Van Dan road in front of Long Thinh Apartment is very small, so parking on this wall makes people uncomfortable.

Regarding administration in the Long Thinh apartment building, Nam said that according to the Ministry of Construction regulations, when the apartment was born, residents in the building would elect a board of directors. This committee will gather and unify the rules, regulations and submit it to the City People Committee for approval. The Board of Directors will coordinate investors to come up with a budget to serve the management, maintenance and maintenance of social housing.

In terms of government, it should be under the leadership of the Ghenh People's Committee Rang Ward. If the People's Committee of the Wing does not administer the issue of security and order, environmental sanitation, illegal construction will be very complicated.

According to Nam, through the reflection in the Long Thinh apartment building, there are 23 cases of construction and expansion, illegal invasion. The Quy Nhon City People's Committee instructed police to deal with this and avoid the fact that social housing has become a meeting place for many people to hire, buy houses that are not the right people, do things that violate the law , sensitive issues.

"Recently, in early 2019, the Quy Nhon City Police dealt with several cases involving some houses renting houses in Long Thinh apartment," Nam added.

Many social housing apartments in Quy Nhon City are sold publicly on social networks.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Thanh Tung, also asked: "This is a low-income construction apartment for low-income people but only sold about 300-400 million VND / unit. Many people have to struggle, hard to afford, even if someone can not afford to buy an apartment, how can they buy cars?

Facing voters' frustrations, Tung urged the authorities and authorities of the city of Quy Nhon to enter and restore urgently order and security in Long Thinh apartment building.

Doan Cong

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