Why a mushroom costs 10 million, do the Vietnamese still buy money?


The tree mentioned here is the reishi mushroom. It is known that this is an extremely rare herb, this new fungus was discovered a few years ago in Vietnam recently and is called with the name of the genus almond. This fungus usually grows in the mountain Hoang Lien Son.

Ha Nguyen, a specialist in the sale of medicinal herbs, said that this mushroom is always expensive despite high prices. A week ago, she had a giant mushroom of 7.5 kg. Shortly thereafter, a visitor to Ho Chi Minh City contacted her and ordered her for nearly 10 million dong (not including shipping fee).

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Mushroom restorations have a high price, can be up to 2 million VND 1 kg.

Thus, this mushroom that Mrs. Ha bought from a resident of Sa Pa specialized in hunting mushrooms in the forest. "She is a person who likes natural products and mountain and forest specialties, so when she sees this rare mushroom, she orders it. Because of the purchase of people, she bought the original price. Currently, she left her relatives and relatives to use a few small trees and reishi mushroom to sell to buy other things, "she said.

She said that this is a fungus that grows on top of old trees in the forest. This fungus is likened to a type of medicinal spirit called the goddess, which is used to recover miraculous health.

The seller said that the wild mushroom is only seasonal from April to July. In other months of the year, customers who have lots of money can not buy fresh celadon mushrooms.

According to her, this fungus is often very rare, but trees of such large size are harder to find. So the price of this mushroom is always high. It sells only about 1.2 million VND / kg, while some stores sell up to 2 million VND 1 kg.

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With this mushroom, Mrs. Ha has sold nearly ten million dongs.

"In fact, few people know their uses, so they still think prices are expensive. Anyone who understands the utility and its benefits will be willing to spend a great deal of money to buy, "she said.

According to the observation, this mushroom has an irregular shape with lumpy and grayish lumps. On returning home, Mrs. Ha kept the branch through the mushroom, all with a total weight of 7.5 kg. According to her, this fungus can be placed in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, or take it to soak, soak for a long time.

In the ancient Chinese book, this mushroom is also considered much more efficient than Korean ginseng. Mushrooms have the effect of restoring, covering the body, recovering health, diuretic, poisoning, treatment of edema, treatment of melasma, freckles …

One expert said that resurrection is a parasitic fungus or saprophytic pine root, scientifically known as Poria cocos Wolf, a fungus (Polyporaceae). The cultivated fungus is successful and can be harvested after 2 years, the best type should be after 3-4 years.

The composition of spiritual restorations includes: spiritual healing (outer shell of the spiritual tree); ghost chain (the second layer after the shell) is pinkish or light brown; White dress (part of the intestine) is white.

Each of its parts has different effects: the epidermis has a priority effect on diuretic, perforation and edema; Spiritual healing chains have the main effect of low water and heat; White dress for the spirit or white spirit has low beneficial effects of diuretic (diuretic), spleen (aid with good digestion) and sedation.

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