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According to the plan, Le Quyen's big concert celebrated the 20th anniversary of singing in late March, however, the current live show was announced to be moved to mid-October, with the reason to seek out the director. and new ideas.

"Huh is already in luck"

"Do a live show to be grateful to the audience that always remembers me but looking forward to making money from the live show at this point is paranoid. If selling a ticket was already lucky, Le Quyen shared it.

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The hardest thing for school now is to always have new and strange products and not repeat the old ones, the public will be bored to go away.

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Singer Dan Truong

Two divas Thanh Lam and Hong Nhung have been attending shows and musical events for a long time, and no one has made their own shows. And it's no coincidence that My Linh has announced the live show of My Linh 2018 – Time is the last great live show in your life. His team was struggling to sell tickets to this show.

The lack of new ideas, difficulties in attracting audiences to pay tickets to watch are the main reasons why music stars are so eager but very careful in performing live shows.

A person who always works hard at live shows and great nights of music like Ho Ngoc Ha last year also pointed out the MV and spent time on the show. "The King of Vietnamese Music" Dam Vinh Hung used to hold a live show 1 – 2 every year but did not dare to do a new show for almost 2 years. "Now Hung is wondering if he's going to do a live show at the end of the year or if he's going to let himself look better in 2020 …" he said.

Singer Dan Truong confided: "Singers now dare to do live shows because of the huge amount of money, 5-7 billion VND, but it is difficult to recover the capital. Finding sponsors is now more difficult than before. live show to celebrate 25 years of singing, but I have to wait until the end of the year to see if the situation is better than investing. "

Must be more creative

When the performance of the show became difficult, the singers always had activities, products that reminded the audience.

Cantor Le Quyen decided to change the show live to celebrate 20 years of singing until October 10: TANG TANG

Cantor Le Quyen decided to move the show live to commemorate 20 years of singing until October


My Tam has spent a lot of time and effort producing and filming (Your assistant) it is an example. She marketed the film quite methodically, and constantly went to theaters after the shows to cater the audience.

When the fight & # 39; of stars keeps the public - Photo 5

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Dan Truong: "At the height of popularity, I understand what to pay"

Meanwhile, Dan Truong has given his hit songs in the last 20 years to classical music. He added, "The hardest thing for school now is to always have new and strange products and not repeat the old ones, the public will be bored to go." Each month, the school will introduce a song for everyone to remember. on the YouTube channel is Thanh Xuan of me. "

Le Quyen, who claims to be the laziest MV singer in Vietnam, does not dare to "lazy" anymore. Because if not, the Queen's tea brand "tearoom" will be forgotten. In the last 3 months, she released 2 MVs Calm love, no debt to the otherso the young music album Le Quyen vol.6 and the most recent is the album Le Quyen Love Story 5.

Dam Vinh Hung, the singer who is always difficult to "transform", does not stand still. He then went on to fashion clothing in the 1980s to say dozens of famous Vietnamese artists on his solo MV, when he showed that a Vinh Hung Dam was very "confident" on the young music album. Hello.

Given that the difficult moment is an opportunity to showcase the creativity and power of every artist and singer Phuong Thanh showing about launching a new "product" after a long time of singing, but just filming and participating in game shows. The main song of the movie Thirteen sisters (just left theaters) that Phuong Thanh has shown the public's attention. In the near future, she will release her Remix album with her famous songs to mix new sounds and albums. Upstream Nguyen Huong including new songs.


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