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What the CNC CEO says about the direction of the "tycoon" Nguyen Van Duong? | News

[VIDEO] Accused Luu Thi Hong before the court of November 17,

On the morning of November 17, the Provincial People's Court of Phu Tho continues the sixth day of the trial of former Lieutenant-General Phan Van Vinh and the trillions of bets on the Internet. Before questioning the defendants of the High Tech Security Development Investment Company (CNC), the President asked to isolate Nguyen Van Duong, President of the CNC Company.

In court, accused Luu Thi Hong (42 years), CEO of CNC Corporation in 2011, due to the friendship with Nguyen Van Duong, invited by Duong as General Director of the CNC Company and initially contributing with capital. However, during the operation, there is a time when CNC companies need financial support for the defendant Hong contributed capital contribution, the total amount of about 700 billion. This capital contribution was made after the creation of the CNC.

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"Mr. Yang said: You just signed"

Defendant Hong also acknowledged the signing of contract No. 010 / HĐKT / CNC-VTCO dated 1.4.2015 with VTC Online Company by defendant Phan Sao Nam on "providing software services and technology solutions." For the " Win2All commercial exploitation under the name Rikvip under the Web address "

The content of the contract is CNC Company – Part A "… acting as the unit: issuing services (operation, promotion, customer service); providing system, payment solution for services; written approval in accordance with the provisions of the law relating to the operation of trade in services in Vietnam. "

VTC Online Company – Part B: "… acting as a unit: Continuously manufacturing, developing and adding, editing, updating service content; Investing in infrastructure, such as hardware (server system), software security, security, operating system …) as necessary to ensure the implementation of the service; Operate and ensure that the technical system is stable in the process of operating the service business. coordination and support of the CNC company in the issuance of services (operation, promotion, customer service …).

Agreement on the percentage of profit sharing according to Appendix No. 01 of the Contract, dated 1.4.2015: "If the revenue reaches 5 billion per month, the CNC will have 30%, VTC Online will have 70%; 5 billion a month to less than 15 billion, the CNC has 35%, VTC Online 65%; If the turnover of more than 15 billion a month, the CNC is entitled to 40%, VTC Online enjoys 60% … "every two months, the CNC Company and VTC Online Company signed the contract for payment.

However, in court, Hong accused himself only of following the direction of Nguyen Van Duong, they themselves do not understand the technology. "As the CEO of CNC Company, but the defendant in charge of other areas." Center of gambling and payment center, Mr. Duong directly.The accused hired by VTC Online is under the direction of Duong, "Hong said.

Hong accused also said that by signing this contract did not read the content due to not understand the technology itself, very dependent on Nguyen Van Duong direct and subordinate staff to sign Nguyen Quoc Tuan. At the same time, before going to the CNC company, having 5 years working with Phan Sao Nam at VTC Online Company, admired the talent of Phan Sao Nam should not be aware that it is illegal. In addition, when signing the contract, there is the legal entity VTC Online, whose company is under the Ministry of Information – Communications, in case the defendant believes it is not illegal. "If the law is breached soon enough, the accused will not have to stand here," Hong accused.

Although the signatories, Hong accused the contract does not understand as unassigned to be responsible for the game center and payment center.

"Star test, but there is a lot of money"

Regarding accusations of accused Hong when the CEO of CNC Company signed the production control in April, May, June, August 2 and September 2, 2015, the defendant admitted, such a false signal. The right not to be assigned to the game and payment. After signing several times, Nguyen Van Duong asked Nguyen Van Duong to do so.

"The defendant also questioned, why test, but has so much money, do not know from where, the money, do not know the revenue, from where then the profit came in. So after signing the production control on April 5, 2015, the defendant actively refused to sign the exit control.The defendant signed to control the production of the second period of August and September 2, 2015 is due to the absence of Duong, before signing, the defendant also called back and Duong said: You just signed, "accused Hong say

Hong said he did not know that signing the contract with VTC Online was illegal until the agency investigated the arrest. The defendant himself did not benefit from the card game money.

"The defendant did not care about the contents of the contract and little understanding of the technology, unclear provisions should have signed the contract under Mr. Yang's direction." The defendant is very sorry about what he did, "Hong said.

The defendant Luu Thi Hong, 42, from the district of Tho Xuan, Thanh Hoa; Residing in the Mandarin Garden, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Hong defendant has a degree: 12/12; Qualification is a bachelor's degree in journalism. Since 2011, Nguyen Van Duong has been invited to be Director General of the CNC.

Hong accused is the eldest son of the family has three brothers and sisters and no criminal record. The defendant was arrested, detained on August 30, 2017, then moved to temporary detention, is now detained in the police detention center in the province of Phu Tho.

Defendant Luu Thi Hong was accused of organizing the game in the decision to sue defendant No. 11 on Sept. 5. Decision to add the decision to prosecute accused No. 11 dated March 25, 1818 on bribery.

Following the direction of Nguyen Van Duong, Luu Thi Hong has signed a contract to co-publish the game Rikvip, rent domain names, subscribe to brand messaging services and sign a contract to control total gambling revenue. Four months. But do not eat, enjoy the recipe of the game you have.

According to the prosecution of the People's Procuratorate of Phu Tho Province, during the time Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa created conditions for the CNC company to organize the online game after the game Rikvip / Tip.Club, under the direction of Nguyen . Van Duong, Hong paid VND600 million by the high-tech crime prevention and control department led by Vo Tuan Dung – Head of Unit 1, received VND100 million in 2015 and VND500 million in 2016.

The investigation process, Hong proactively stated and the investigation agency proved that Hong made the transfer of money to the Police Department, the crime prevention of 600 million is real.

Implement the state compensation policy stipulated in clause 2, clause 2, article 2 and clause 7, article 364 of the Penal Code in 2015, amended in 2017 and the People's Procuratorate of the province of Phu Tho. Suspend criminal liability of Luu Thi Hong on bribery charges.

The prosecution claims that Hong's conduct constitutes a criminal offense for the organization of the game, as provided for in Article 249 (2) (b) of the Criminal Code of 1999, amended and supplemented in 2009 as an accomplice. help.

Investigative process, Luu Thi Hong sincerely stated his criminal acts, first offense, good personal identity; The parents of the accused are people with services worthy of the revolution and receive the medal. Accordingly, Luu Thi Hong is entitled to the extenuation of the criminal responsibility specified in paragraph (s) of items 1 and 2 of article 51 of the Criminal Code and may apply clause 2, article 54 to the accused.

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