What is the relationship between "Maid" Park Bo Gum and Hyori couple?


In the middle of 2018, actor Park Bo Gum took on the role of a 2-day 2 night maid for the Lee Hyori Diva family in Season 2 of "Hyori's Bed & Breakfast."

Although Park Bo Gum only participated for a short period of time, he always tried to complete all assigned tasks. He also built a friendly and sociable image with all the guests. So when Park Bo Gum had to leave the show, not only Hyori and his wife, the sister who attended Yoona's show, but the viewers watched, they felt sorry.

Park Bo Gum has had fun times on the Hyori reality show

Many people are curious about Park Bo Gum's relationship with the Hyori couple nowadays. In a recent interview, the shared male beauty: "I still keep in touch with Hyori and Lee Sang Soon. They said they always watched the movies I played. Recently the couple sent me an orange box too!"It seems that Park Bo Gum still has a good relationship with the Hyori couple even after filming the show for some time.

The relationship between the "helper" Park Bo Gum and the Hyori couple is still very good


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