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Many people expressed discontent when the U-23 of Vietnam was Asian runner-up in 2018, or more recently the U-23 Asian qualifier beat Indonesia 1-0, Thailand 4-0 but was set up. with the weaker teams in Southeast Asia.

In fact, the division of SEA Games 30 seeds of the Football Federation of South East Asia (AFF) is based on the completion of the last SEA Games, ie SEA Games 29 – 2017. This period of SEA games, Vietnamese football is eliminated after the group stage. with teams from Laos, Cambodia, Brunei and East Timor.

Still according to the achievements of SEA Games in 2017 – 2017, the first rankings are Thailand (champion), Malaysia (runner), Indonesia (third place), Myanmar (fourth place). Therefore, the sowing of the AFF brought the owners of Thai and Filipino houses to the first group of seeds, alongside Malaysia, from Indonesia to the second seed group and from Myanmar and Singapore to the third group. including Vietnam for the random lottery group, which is not included in any seed group.

With the same partitioning situation, it is likely that the table with the Vietnamese team is the "death" table.

Want to champion SEA Games must defeat all - photo 1
Beating Thailand 4-0 in the Asian qualifiers for the U-23, but in 2019 SEA Games, the teachers and students of Park were placed outside the sowing group. Photo: NGOC DUNG

In theory, there may be a "tigers" table from Thailand, Malaysia (or Indonesia), Myanmar and Vietnam.

However, the U-22 of Vietnam has adopted the goal of winning the SEA games, of course, no matter which table and which seed group to meet the challenge with the thought of wanting to win, any group and must defeat everything.

Park Hang-seo coach said if the team is well prepared within five weeks, it will bring back the 30th SEA Games championship to quench the thirst for Vietnamese fans after 60 years of waiting. .

Recently, in the U-23 Asian qualifier, the U-23 of Vietnam only prepared for a week when the V-League paused. However, Park Hang-seo's teachers and coaches won the championship, including a 1-0 win over Indonesia, a 4-0 victory over Thailand.

The last two wins in the U23 Asian qualifiers against Thailand and Indonesia helped Park Hang seo coaches ease their moods when facing rivals such as Thailand.

In response to international news agencies, it was Park Hang-seo who judged the two victories to be the basis for the SEA 30 Games.

At the 30th SEA Games, there are currently five winning teams, namely in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Singapore seems overwhelming, but the other four teams have real power.

So just follow the spirit and intentions of Coach Park Hang-seo, which is to prepare well, so carefully and defeat the opponents to win the championship and not be afraid of this table is heavy, the other is lightweight or because we are not the team of seeds.

After the U-23 Asian qualifier, I'll see you again at SEA Games

The U-23 Vietnam 4-0 victory against Thailand, the Under-23, made the two preparations for the SEA Games more interesting and promising.

Thailand already knows the power and unpredictable gameplay of Park Hang-seo teachers and trainers, as well as remarkable faces, especially Quang Hai. Thailand also learned a great lesson about scorn and misjudgment, not judging competitors.

On the contrary, the Vietnamese players after the victory gained the psychological pressure that the SEA games in the final to meet Thailand is "lack of energy."

Park knows that the game at SEA Games is a young, but difficult level. So he volunteered to create maximum conditions for him and his students to ensure that there was gold.

Mr. Park's promise is one, but the implementation of security is also extremely important because there are things beyond the reach of VFF, but they must be greater.

Competitors have already softened the faces of the teachers and teachers of the Park and the SEA Games will be a very tough fight.



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